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published on 12.05.2021

HÄMMERLE 2021: Recommended by customers

Feedback helps us to understand ourselves better as a company: If we succeed in promptly identifying what our customers care about, we can respond faster, more flexibly and more effectively to changes in the market and to current expectations and needs.

However, making reviews visible and, above all, credible to the outside world is not as easy as it sounds. Customer ratings on your own website are all well and good, but of course they are also easy to manipulate. That's why we decided to use an external service provider when it comes to customer ratings. We regularly ask our customers for feedback and ask them to rate our services and experiences with HÄMMERLE via the neutral rating platform ProvenExpert.


Customer feedback as a constant task

The success of a company is measured by many aspects: Growth, increasing sales and profits, or the successful development of new business areas are just some of these factors. An equally important metric is customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers recommend companies to others and develop into important regular customers. But constructive customer feedback can do even more than indicate pure satisfaction. It helps to optimize the structure and internal processes and thus actively contributes to growth and a long-term increase in customer satisfaction. It helps us to improve our services, our approach and draw valuable conclusions for an optimal auction platform as well as optimal processing.


Hämmerle awarded for the first time by ProvenExpert

2021, HÄMMERLE has now been awarded by ProvenExpert for the first time. This highlights our outstanding service performance over the past 12 months, which is reflected in a particularly high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate.

Thank you for your feedback

The entire HÄMMERLE team always does its best to improve all services around valuation or industrial and insolvency auctions for you and we appreciate your feedback on our processes. We would like to thank all our satisfied customers for their great feedback. With your feedback, you will help us to tailor our services even better to your needs in the future.


Visit us on our ProvenExpert profile

But read for yourself what our customers and partners write about us and the cooperation - Visit us at our ProvenExpert-Profil.






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