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Industrieverwertung HÄMMERLE

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Industry and insolvency auctions – Quickly liquidise machines and warehouse inventories


Within the context of our industry and insolvency auctions, you can sell and purchase tools and vehicles as well as processing machines, compressors, warehouse inventories and surplus items and many other objects by auction. We hold almost all of our auctions online in order to liquidise your objects as quickly as possible and make it possible for you to also acquire new objects quickly.


Advantages of online industry and insolvency auctions

    Objects can be brought to market within a short time period due to the extensive range of online auctions.
    Many more potential buyers can be reached compared to other sales channels.
    We can even reach international purchaser groups.
    Our auction platform is principally available to anyone, i.e. small and large-scale businesses purchase and sell goods on a level playing field.
  • Search and negotiation costs are greatly reduced both for buyers and sellers at auctions.
  • We achieve much better prices than through other methods of negotiation since purchasers submit maximum bids for your objects.

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Auctions are performed as follows

Bidding at our industry and insolvency auctions starts with a price determined by our appraiser, which most often is also the minimum price, i.e. all bids below this value are not taken into account. You can view bids from other bidders over the course of the online auction resulting in an increased minimum bid necessary for continued participation in the auction. The highest bidder wins.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the industry and insolvency auction is over since we provide the opportunity to submit a subsequent bid. Subsequent bidding is possible if a bid that increases the price is submitted shortly before the end of the auction. In this case, you can still submit a bid up to 120 seconds after the auction. The auction is over if no bid is submitted during this time.

Good to know: You can also enter a maximum offer at the start. In this case, one of our bidding agents participates in the industry and insolvency auction on your behalf – of course, only until the maximum sum determined by you is reached.


You are the new owner of an object if you submit the highest bid in the auction and win the bid without reservation. In this case, you accept all rights and obligations associated with the vehicle, machine, etc. A winning bid subject to reservations becomes binding as soon as the collateral provider or previous owner consents to the amount offered in the winning bid; you will receive a final confirmation from us that confirms the legally binding sale. This confirmation is usually issued after five to ten days.


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Industrial and insolvency auctions – auctioneering made easy

We are also the right partner for you in case you want to liquidise objects. We provide various services that ensure a smooth and successful industry and insolvency auction. We take care of inventories, the auction itself and the transport of objects as well as other concerns. You do not have to do anything else than commission us with the liquidation. We guarantee the best-possible liquidation proceeds and extremely short auction runtimes.


Our Services

    Accurate inventory and valuation
    Creation of a photo documentation as well as the sales-promoting processing of utilization positions
    Utilization through international online auctions 
  • Monitoring of dismantling and movement activities as well as ensuring timely and clean evacuation scenarios
  • Optional: Securing vehicles or industrial goods of all kinds on secure secure ground
    Optional: Data backup and data deletion for existing IT systems


Industry and insolvency auctions without limits

At Hämmerle, you can liquidise your complete company equipment – from small cars to transporters, lorries, excavators, cranes and many other objects. We have even auctioned off entire cranes, yachts on Majorca and aircraft fleets!

Of course, in addition to purchasing large-scale facilities, you can also, e.g., acquire office equipment or goods inventories. Our team has broad expertise and many years of experience so that we can certainly find the right application and marketing for any item.


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We are there for you!

Industry and insolvency auctions with Hämmerle. Hämmerle stands for a high level of expertise, comprehensive knowledge in regard to current market trends and access to comprehensive databases of customers from all over the world. You can benefit from these and many other aspects.

Do you still have questions? We are happy to assist you in word and deed!


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