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Insolvenzdienstleistungen HÄMMERLE

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HÄMMERLE: expert in insolvency services


The legislature has created a process with the insolvency proceedings to give distressed companies a kind of "roadmap" for possible restructuring or settlement. The reason for a bankruptcy can be traced back to a variety of factors, in particular a lack of strategic orientation, deficient risk management, lack of know-how in management or too intense competition and margin pressure mean that the business model of many companies no longer remains viable and viable.

Bankruptcy is not only about exploiting the assets of the company, but also about releasing liquid funds for a possible restructuring of the company. We offer insolvency services and work with insolvency administrators and restructuring consultants to ensure a smooth process close and establish new, high-margin areas.

With our insolvency services, we are, so to speak, the link that takes care of assets, machines and the like, which is not least an elementary component of the company's substance.


Our insolvency services typically include the following activities

Based on many years of experience, HÄMMERLE offers to carry out an external, holistic assessment of the company and in particular to inventory mobile assets.

We have been active in this segment for almost 30 years, carry out countless industrial auctions with national and international specialist audiences every year, and have the necessary in-house expertise for each industry in order to produce reliable and market-driven appraisals.

Market surveys are an important part of classic bankruptcy services because they provide information about the potential break-up value of the respective fixed assets. A non-specialist insolvency administrator by itself is not able to take into account the industry-specific characteristics and must subsequently resort to the expertise of external providers of insolvency services. It also always deals with the clarification of third party and third party rights, to ensure that only goods owned by the company are utilized.

The following is a first overview of typical insolvency services:


    Seizures and storages
    Clearance of permanent establishments
    Organization and implementation of plant, site and plant closures in the course of the task of individual parts of the company
    Inventory analysis
  • Professional clarification regarding possible third-party and third-party rights in the company's assets and business assets
  • Inventory of mobile fixed assets
  • Execution of market-conformant appraisals and determination of a realistic break-up value
  • Marketing in the context of public auctions

All Services

In short: HÄMMERLE offers insolvency services to relieve the liquidators, as they are already busy with the administrative and regulatory aspects of the procedure.

That is why fast, market-oriented liquidations in insolvency proceedings are so important

The problem with the bankruptcy of an industrial company is always that there are a variety of rental, lease and other obligations that do not automatically end just because an application for opening insolvency proceedings has been made. This means that companies usually have difficulty getting raw materials and supplies to maintain production at the traditional rate. It is therefore not uncommon for us to deal with dormant production processes that have little or no revenue, which means that time is running at the expense of the future viability of the company.

HÄMMERLE's know-how and wide range of bankruptcy services ensure that the company's restructuring measures can be carried out promptly. We can rely on decades of experience, diverse national and international contacts as well as a TÜV-certified quality assurance management. With our insolvency services, we regularly achieve recovery proceeds far above the value of the expert report due to the fact that international buyers, in particular, are increasingly frequenting our auctions, which results in a procedure that is in line with the market price.

The industry-specific expertise in our company is one of the key aspects of our portfolio, as it usually involves the largest part of the business assets - so to speak, the last reserves that may exist to conduct the insolvency proceedings in self-administration or provide the insolvency administrator reliable data to ensure a regulated settlement.


Bankruptcy services are always designed and executed in close consultation with the insolvency administrator

The thing that makes our job as a provider of bankruptcy services so varied day by day is certainly the constant challenge of helping companies of all sizes, structures and industries avoid wasting valuable time. The close exchange between the provider of insolvency services and the insolvency administrator is important in order to harmonize technical, legal and market-specific aspects. As one of the largest collecting societies in the German-speaking area, HÄMMERLE thus offers insolvency services, which are always based on individual cases, enable a coordinated procedure in consultation with the appointed insolvency administrator and, even under difficult circumstances, preserve the opportunity for restructuring.


Fancy more insights? In our magazine, you will find articles on procedures for doing business, on bankruptcy liquidations in general or explanations for non-professionals about the main auction glossary.


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