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Insolvency administrators rely on HÄMMERLE


Insolvency administrators and restructuring consultants require a competent partner for mobile asset inventories, the creation of market-conform assessments and the clarification of third-party rights. We are the strong partner you are looking for! We support insolvency administrators in their daily work, offer quick liquidations and achieve above-average proceeds for insolvency estates within the context of international public online and physical presence auctions. Our core competences also include clearances and site closures.


We provide relief for insolvency administrators

Clearances or site closures are an extensive undertaking that can hardly be accomplished without a competent partner at your side. You are free to pursue other obligations once you commission us with the clearance. Our experts already perform an initial prior assessment of production and storage halls, offices, vehicle fleets, etc. They then make you a specific offer based on the expenditure estimate. We will also gladly clarify any existing third-party rights relating to technical equipment and machines.


Quick and nationwide inventory creation

Inventory creation for mobile assets refers to vehicles, machines, office equipment and other movable business assets, a task that must deliver accurate results right down to the last detail. Only then will you as the insolvency administrator or restructuring consultant be able to provide reliable statements.

With our help, the inventory procedure will be hassle-free. We perform these processes in a structured manner and offer final results that allow you to issue specific statements about the inventory of the relevant company or institution. In order to guarantee this service, we must conduct an extensive prior meeting with you in which we plan the inventory creation.


Professional liquidation measures – online and offline

We promptly execute necessary tasks if you as the insolvency administrator are required to liquidise objects from the closure of a site. Our company creates market-conform assessments and photographs, catalogues and markets objects. We have access to a wide international network so that we are able to reach significantly more buyers than by other means of liquidation. On account of our marketing expertise, we often exceed previously determined divestiture values.





How insolvency administrators benefit from our auctions

  • You do not have to get involved at all: We take care of all necessary steps for the successful liquidation of an object including description, marketing and the liquidation process itself.
    Industry sector variety: No matter what kind of object is to be auctioned off – we are the right partner for you!
    Above-average proceeds for the insolvency estate
  • Rapid sales: You benefit from quick processing and short auction runtimes.

THE reliable partner for insolvency administrators and others

Leasing companies as well as banks, insolvency administrators and private clients trust HÄMMERLE with their inventories, assessments and auction sales. We have been a competent and reliable partner for over 25 years. Contact us and experience the passion with which we perform our daily work! Our competent employees will gladly provide more information about our services and address your individual needs.