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Räumungen von Betriebsstätten

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Commission HÄMMERLE with a clearing of commercial and business locations - we'll take care of the rest!


Wenn Sie Ihre Räume – ob Bürogebäude oder Maschinenhalle – übergeben müssen und weder die Zeit noch Käufer haben um die Auflösung des Betriebs zu organisieren, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! HÄMMERLE bietet professionelle Vermarktung mit der Option zur Räumung.

We are exactly the right partner for you if you are required to hand over your facilities – be it office buildings or machine and storage halls – and neither have the time nor buyers to organise the dissolution of the business! Hämmerle offers professional marketing with a clearance option.


We provide marketing as well as organise the surrender and clearance of properties

Clearing facilities can quickly become a large-scale undertaking. You need a suitable and competent partner that reliably supports you in the execution of this task. We are exactly the right partner for you in this regard! All you have to do is get in touch with us and commission us with the marketing and clearance of your property – and we take care of the rest. You then have a clear head for other important matters.

Our professional staff will pay you a visit in advance to inspect your offices, halls or warehouses. We assess the required expenditure in an equitable manner and take individual wishes into account.

Our team clears the respective facilities on the clearance days together with the mediated buyers for the marketed items; of course, any clearance procedure is coordinated with you in advance. We refer to these dates as collection days on which our staff provides direct on-site supervision. This ensures a smooth collection process even in case of multiple, concurrent collectors. We coordinate dates and organise suitable lifting equipment.

As a further option and for an additional fee, we properly dispose of bulk waste, waste, etc. so that the property can be handed over in a swept-clean condition.


You can rely on our team!

As already mentioned, you are not required to get involved in the clearance of facilities yourself. Yet, Hämmerle offers much more than just a well-organised collection and clearance procedure!

We always keep your interests in mind so that your items are not only auctioned off quickly but at the best-possible price. This not only applies to equipment but also to warehouses, office complexes and other facilities. We provide all services directly from one source, and we are always at your side in word and deed.


The worry-free all-round package

We regard any situation, no matter how confusing, as a welcome opportunity. If necessary, we also perform swept-clean clearances, which means that we not only ensure the proper disposal of your objects, but also perform disassembly and repairs, remove course contamination and fulfil other tasks. You can hand over the facilities once the team has left.


A passion for innovation

Our name stands for high performance capacity, maximum transparency and innovative procedures. You can place your trust in us since we do not make empty promises unlike many other service providers. Quite the contrary: Time and again, our customers attest to the fact that our approach has exceeded their expectations in regard to professional facility clearance. We gladly take on your tasks as we always strive to make our services just a little bit better. 

What are you waiting for? Commission us with your clearance tasks and just sit back and relax! All you need to do is extend us a small measure of trust. You will certainly not regret it!


Do you still have questions about our (swept-clean) clearance service? Get in touch with our competent team and receive comprehensive consultation!




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