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Sicherstellung Insolvenz

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Reclaiming through Hämmerle – quick, reliable and assertable


Reclaiming objects through Hämmerle is an appropriate way to return your machines or assets in case of suspicion of illicit usage or sale. Reclaiming is most often an option if the machines are in a location that is outside of your authority to act. Your assets are brought to a suitable storage location in case of reclaiming.

The storage location, just as the transport and executing bodies are determined on an individual basis.


What must be taken into consideration?

Hämmerle can only reclaim property in compliance with legal possibilities, which means we cannot return your property illegally.

The client is usually the owner of the assets and machinery and bears all costs for reclaiming. These costs also include disassembly and transport costs. Moreover, any additional services such as goods insurance must be carried by the client or owner.

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Which objects can be reclaimed?

Reclaiming can apply to many machines and assets. Hämmerle can also reclaim vehicles. Reclaiming is possible for the following objects:

    Road vehicles (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, etc.)
    Construction machines (caterpillars, excavators, etc.)
    Agricultural machines (accessory equipment, tractors, harvesters, etc.)
    Art objects. Watches & Jewellery

Who benefits from these services?

We require written power of attorney for reclaiming your machinery and assets. It is the only way we can seize and return your property.

Many customers have already placed their trust in us due to our expertise and experience with which we perform our work. Hämmerle works for:

    Finance companies
    Leasing companies
    Vehicle dealers
    Vehicle and machinery rental companies
    Insurance companies


Why reclaim my property through HÄMMERLE?

    We abide by some basic behaviours or procedures when reclaiming your goods. For example, we place the highest value on discretion, i.e. it is our top priority to keep the reclaiming of your assets confidential. All our employees are contractually committed to confidentiality.
    Furthermore, you can expect the highest level of accuracy in regard to research and the investigation of necessary information.
    We work extremely fast and reliably and are also extremely persistent in executing our tasks.
    We are legally protected by a team of qualified lawyers.

Private persons as well benefit from our services. Contact us and describe your problem if your vehicle is in a location that is outside of your authority to act. We will find the optimal solution for your individual case together with you.


What happens in case of insufficient space after the securing of property?

If you do not have sufficient space at the time, we have a storage option in case we are tasked to secure your machines. You can temporarily use our halls in order to ensure that your equipment is safely stored. Of course, we are also happy to auction off secured objects in your name through one of our international online auctions.


Why should I have HÄMMERLE secured?

HÄMMERLE specializes in auctions and company sales of all kinds. In addition, we offer services in the areas of dismantling, assessment, recycling, transport and security. Our team consists exclusively of experts, i. You can be sure that the security of your goods is as professional and efficient as possible.

We operate nationwide and want to help people across Germany protect their property from unlawful use and unlawful sale.

Even if you see your vehicles, machines or equipment exposed to such danger, contact us today! We will ensure that your property is back in your possession in just a few days.


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