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A strong partner for your company


Our services for companies encompass inventory control and photo documentation as well as value determinations in accordance with divestiture and continuation aspects. We also market assets that are no longer required. With optimal liquidation results!

In the following paragraphs, we present a few of our services that not only provide advantages for companies and businesses, but also specifically for private clients.


How companies benefit from our appraisals

Our assessments are characterised by real values and lucidity. Hämmerle's core competences include the appraisal of circulating and fixed assets – we have extensive experience in this area. We provide all necessary information and itemise everything right down to the last detail. We use datasets that span several decades in order to appraise various investment goods and offer you comprehensive inventory control. We use our expertise and take continuation and liquidation values into account in order to determine values that are relevant for your company.

We specifically provide the following services:

  • Inventory creation and appraisal of industrial and commercial fixed and circulating assets
  • Desktop appraisals in order to perform a value determination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Plausibility examinations in order to precisely check statements and data
  • Value-progression analyses based on which the remaining value can be precisely determined for a prospective point in time


Full competence with respect to company closures

Companies can also rely on our competences in the area of company, site and plant closures. We conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner from value estimation to the sale of technical assets. We work closely with you and provide support throughout all necessary steps. Once you have discontinued your business operations, two options are available with respect to selling equipment, vehicles and other business assets. Either we organise a physical presence auction (directly at the site) or we perform the liquidation online. We have a large international customer network in all industry sectors, which allows us to find the ideal market for any liquidation. Hämmerle will be at your side throughout the entire liquidation process: However, our services are not limited to the selling of goods by auction. We also clarify complex legal situations in advance and organise the securing, storage and international promotion of your object.

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We provide short-term liquidity for your company

It is also not a problem for us if you want to sell your machines, vehicles, etc. and maintain the option to reacquire these. Hämmerle will buy your business assets and give you the option to repurchase these later on. This way, you receive short-term liquidity and are free to promote other entrepreneurial processes.

Companies can rely on Hämmerle

You are managing a company and need a competent partner with extensive expertise in inventory control, value determination and marketing? We offer these and many other reliable services!

Please contact us at any time if you have further questions about our offers or general questions about these topics. We will gladly assist you in word and deed!