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Plan your business succession with our network and secure the future of your life's work


Anyone who has built up a successful company must, at some point, deal with the issue of business succession. Once the founder has left, a company can only continue its operations according to the founder's vision if a succession plan is in place. Contact Hämmerle if you have not yet addressed the issue of business succession.


How to maintain your company's marketability after relinquishing control

A properly executed business succession should preserve and secure the company's achievements and also ensure its marketability for the future. For owner-operated companies, there is always a risk of the founder taking ill or passing away. Your life's work may be lost if a business succession plan is not in place, which is why the search for a suitable successor should already begin while you are still active as an entrepreneur. Of course, the topic of business succession is not only relevant in case of sickness or death. Due to advanced age, the owner may no longer be able to continue managing the company.


You are the boss!

You can plan, project and structure your business succession with the Hämmerle network. We develop your prioritised entrepreneurial goals in close cooperation with you and envision how your successor will achieve these. Based on these considerations, initial demands regarding the necessary competences and experiences of the successor can already be established: Does your successor have the prerequisites to continue the management of your company in accordance with your wishes?


Securing your company in a sustainable manner is the top priority

Hämmerle has a vast network at its disposal that allows us to identify suitable candidates for your business succession and introduce these to you. Once you have decided on a candidate, we clarify open questions regarding your company's employee, customer, market and liquidity requirements.

Operational questions are discussed once we are able to find a suitable successor and come to an agreement regarding the issues stated above such as, among other things, the time frame for the business succession and communication with money lenders, customers, suppliers, etc. Securing your company in a sustainable manner is always the top priority. We can help you get your company ready for the future, even for the time after you relinquish control.


Hämmerle – We provide assistance with business successions

You can rely on Hämmerle if you want to regulate your business succession! We work closely with experienced experts from all sectors and are always at your side in word and deed. Many of our network partners have experience with business successions and are well-familiar with the associated challenges.

Contact the Hämmerle team today if you require more information on this topic so we can jointly plan, structure and implement your business succession tomorrow.





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