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Unternehmensverkauf mit HÄMMERLE

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Company sales by and with HÄMMERLE, we get the best for our customers


Sooner or later many medium-sized companies come to a point where they have to make the most difficult decision in their corporate life: do I sell off my company? And if the answer is yes, how should the company sale be structured and implemented?

Financial, tax and legal aspects are not the only factors in a company sale. Emotions can also have a decisive influence on decisions. Extensive, extremely complex preparations must be made regardless of whether the company is to be sold off within a family or to an internal or external investor.   Emotions usually do not contribute to a positive disposition during the implementation, thereby impairing the whole process. HÄMMERLE supports you in preparing and implementation of the company sale. Our experts will get the best for you!


What distinguishes HÄMMERLE company sales?

HÄMMERLE is one of the leading providers of company sales in Germany. Customers have put their trust in our know-how since nearly 30 years. And this also has its justification: the secure sale of companies is our top priority. We work with extreme discretion and reliability. HÄMMERLE has a comprehensive network with various partners and customers, allowing us to find the right interested parties to suit your requirements in no time. We operate in all industries and know our way not only around negotiations but also in the analysis of profitability and in the operative business.

Starting with the formulation of your goals to the planning of the necessary restructuring through to the tax and legally optimal design and implementation of the transfer, HÄMMERLE is THE partner for transferring your company to your successor in a liquidity-friendly manner.


What other services are included in the company sales?

HÄMMERLE is, of course, also the right place to start if you are interested in the company sale of another person. We perform company assessments and support you during the entire process, from the search for the target company through to the completion of the transaction.

The takeover of a company has certain advantages over founding a new company. For example, there is already a market position available, i.e. this does not have to be established from the scratch. In addition, there are already established processes among the experienced employees and the existing past data offer planning security.

How do I benefit from HÄMMERLE company sales?

    HÄMMERLE mediates between the transferor and the transferee, i.e. we take into account the interests of the both parties as best as possible.
    HÄMMERLE does not offer you any blanket solutions. The proposals are optimally adapted to your needs.
    The transfers and any necessary restructuring measures are implemented without tax burdens as much as possible.
    HÄMMERLE stands on a solid legal ground. We have extensive know-how and take into account all regulations, decrees, judgements, etc.
    The retention of assets and/or sources of income is of top priority.
    Our team consists of various experts and we have a broad network with diverse customers and partners. Best prerequisites for an uncomplicated, effective company sale!
  • Our work is strictly personalised, i.e. you are supported by the same partner during the entire process.

Please contact us and let us advise you individually. HÄMMERLE is your competent partner for company sales and purchases. See for yourself how simple and effective the associated processes can be!




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