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Everything that’s relevant in the context of your goods – the HÄMMERLE warehouse inspection and assessment


Real treasures may be hidden in your company’s warehouse, but you may also find what is called dead stock. A warehouse inspection and assessment with HÄMMERLE provides you with an overview that is crucially important for your business decision-making. A company’s stock is usually subject to constant monitoring.

A methodical approach is required when it comes to assessing your stock at specific dates. With HÄMMERLE on your side, you can rely on an experienced partner who has been performing relevant warehouse inspections and assessments for banks, savings banks and other organisations for decades. This is necessary to assess the stock as loan security in the event of transfer of ownership as security, for example. Furthermore, our services are demanded by insolvency administrators and restructuring advisors, giving them an appropriate assessment from an experienced third party so they can take further action.


Warehouse inspection and assessment is a business based on trust

We carry out random checks of your existing stock as part of the warehouse inspection and assessment process. We ask customers to provide us with an inventory or an IT-based inventory analysis. In Germany, the inventory is part of the “generally accepted accounting principles”, influenced in particular by the correctness of the inventory, consistency within the inventory, and the clarity and verifiability of the inventory in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB).

Furthermore, we spot-check purchase invoices to verify purchase prices.

Finally, assessing the stock and determining possible third-party rights (including reservation of title) is a question of calculating the recovery potential of the warehouse. In other words, the practical question of which quantifiable value is actually available and to what extent approval by third parties seems possible.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HÄMMERLE's customer service at any time – we will be happy to assist with all of your queries.




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