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Many small aspects are important within the context of appraisals and liquidations, and specific industry knowledge is indispensable for ensuring the success of liquidation measures.  HÄMMERLE is one of the leading service providers in Germany as over 4,000 liquidation measures and over 1.2 m individual liquidations – across all industry sectors – speak for themselves. We have also trustingly supported administrators, banks and leasing companies with our comprehensive cross-sector competencies. Over 10,000 appraisals provide the basis for the proper handling of fixed or circulating assets.

Yet, what is really important and in what areas do we need to win over customers? At HÄMMERLE, we use our experience and expertise in order to achieve optimal results. Companies from various sectors have relied on our know-how for almost 30 years as we are one of the largest liquidation companies in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the following, we want to present an excerpt of selected references from appraisals and liquidations that HÄMMERLE performed for fixed and/or circulating assets on behalf of insolvency administrators, banks or leasing companies.

Notice: Please take into consideration that we were not able to publish some references due to data-protection regulations.


Experience in all industries


Automotive industry

In 2014, HÄMMERLE appraised the fixed and circulating assets of GA Automotive GmbH with headquarters in Michelstadt, a metal-processing company with 200 employees, specialising in tracks for car seats and injection nozzles for motors.

In addition, you will always find new car auctions with us. From the classic car or Porsche, to the yacht or small plane, I'm on the way to the bus or truck. We are able to reliably evaluate and optimally market vehicles of all kinds. Even entire fleets are no problem with our expertise - regardless of whether they are to be rated or auctioned. In addition to the permanent individual cars in our auctions, we also have some highlights in our online catalogs. Be it the super sports car, the classic Porsche 911 Carrera, a vintage Jaguar, the fleet of buses and coaches or the commercial trucks. At HÄMMERLE you will find what you are looking for.


Construction machinery and construction industry

Construction vehicles and excavators of all sizes, scaffolding as well as a wide variety of construction machinery and hand tools, as well as compressors of all manufacturers and types can be found again and again in our online auctions. The construction industry is still booming - in purchase and sale. HÄMMERLE has been a trusted partner in this industry right from the start with its value assessments as well as optimal marketing solutions. The biggest projects in this area so far were the two insolvent construction companies Helmut Senn GmbH & Co. KG, which had gone bankrupt in 2015, with more than 800 positions and items from site inventory as well as Josef Hums Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG a catalog of almost 1,000 items. Due to the massive extent of utilization in both procedures, the settlement took place via classic attendance auctions. As a rule, the recovery procedures in the field of construction machinery and in construction sites are more manageable and are marketed online and internationally via our industrial auction platform. Convince yourself in our category construction machinery, building supplies, scaffolding, compressors.


Medical and laboratory technology

Whether hospital, dental office or dental laboratory. HÄMMERLE has extensive expertise in medical and laboratory technology. In October and November 2018, for example, we auctioned off the inventory of the former Bundeswehr Hospital in Leipzig-Wiederitzsch via an online auction with over 500 items. Another major challenge was the liquidation of the Illervital GbR health center in 2015 with more than 230 objects, most of them sports and fitness equipment as well as a wide range of laboratory equipment. But even smaller projects, such as the recent successful marketing of the inventory of a dental practice in Landshut are part of our reference catalog.


Metal industry and processing

Mechanical engineering, foundry, engine manufacturer, toolmaking, electroplating, forming technology, steel construction and so on ... .HÄMMERLE has a virtually all-encompassing expertise from 30 years of evaluations and marketing in the field of the metal industry without any problems. Be it the metal foundry MWK Renningen in 2017 with a production area of ​​45,000 m² and various casting molds and tools, the engine manufacturer Farymann Diesel Engines GmbH with over 400 positions in its factory in Lampertsheim 2019 or the operating and office equipment of a steel plant in Bavaria me more than 350 positions in 2018. Whether small individual companies, medium-sized traditional companies or large metal construction companies. With its know-how, HÄMMERLE can determine reliable value retention, especially in the area of ​​metalworking machines and tools, and can thus supply the optimum marketing solution - no matter if CNC machining centers, presses of any kind, milling or turning machines or the laser cutting machine from Trumpf. We know what it is worth!


Food industry

Over the years, Müller-Brot GmbH grew and became a large-scale bakery with over 1,700 employees. Over 350 branch establishments served approximately 180,000 customers on a daily basis – the introduction of the worldwide first, fully automated production facility for rolls [Semmeln] significantly contributed to an increase in efficiency. In 2012, HÄMMERLE took on the appraisal of the company, which had to be restructured following a hygiene scandal. The company has survived until today under management of the new owners Höflinger-Müller.


Wood industry

HÄMMERLE has already been commissioned in a variety of valuation and marketing matters in the woodworking industry. Be it a small joinery or a large furniture producer. For example, we were commissioned to evaluate the investment and inventories at HMW Möbel GmbH in Halberstadt in 2018 and, with our valuations, provided the foundation for further process design with the goal of corporate restructuring. But even with compelling business tasks, we have still drawn the best possible liquidity, z. For example, by marketing the inventory at Sigler + Kaiser Schreinerei in January 2018.


Plastics industry

In 2014, Toyota took over Meteor, the automotive supplier from Bockenem and was able to save the specialist for rubber products including rubber and elastomer gaskets from insolvency. At the beginning of insolvency proceedings in 2012, HÄMMERLE appraised the fixed and circulating assets of the company with a staff of 700 to 900 employees.


Fine mechanics

The brand Junghans already stood for precision "Made in Germany" at the beginning of the 20th century. The German watchmaker was one of the largest watch producers in the world and employed a workforce of more than 3,000. Within the course of market reorganisation, the company subjected itself to restructuring based on exclusivity and a different sales model. In 2008, HÄMMERLE was commissioned with the appraisal of the company. The company was ultimately taken over in 2009 by the Steim family and has since then been managed under different auspices.


Fashion & textile industry

In 2018, HÄMMERLE was commissioned with the appraisal and liquidation of the business assets of Bench International GmbH at the Munich site. Over 230 positions found new owners within the context of an international online auction. Until the end, the company Bench with headquarters in Manchester employed a staff of 400. Learn more about the Bench insolvency here.


Appraisal and liquidation of individual departments or entire companies? HÄMMERLE!

As can be seen from the excerpt above, insolvency administrators, leasing companies and others have commissioned HÄMMERLE in various constellations and conflict situations with appraisals and liquidations. Our company is one of the largest liquidation companies in Germany and has the expertise to implement measures in all sectors and for various company sizes.

A methodical, holistic approach ensures high data quality and precision at the highest level – we are happy to assist you at all times. Rely on our bundled expertise from over a quarter of a century.


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