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Landmaschinen versteigern statt verkaufen

Used agricultural machinery can be auctioned off at HÄMMERLE - in line with market conditions, promptly and effectively

There have been trends in recent decades indicating that fewer and fewer farms are operating. So it is becoming more and more large farms that farm significant arable land. Insolvencies and closures are accordingly more frequent. The lack of space and general restructuring also play a role here. Production resources that continue to be of great value persist and can be successfully marketed. These include, for example, used tractors, which you can effectively sell to relevant buyers via HÄMMERLE in an industrial auction.

The auction of used agricultural machinery brings with it some advantages, which we would like to introduce you to in the following.


Auction of used agricultural machinery through HÄMMERLE: This saves work and ensures marketable exploitation revenues

Used agricultural machinery can be auctioned off excellently and thus converted into liquidity at any time. For example, when purchasing new tractors, the rule of thumb is that approximately € 1,000 per horsepower must be paid. There are correspondingly many interested parties in used tractors and HÄMMERLE helps you to reach many, partly international, buyers. We distinguish between a simple closure and the much more complex insolvency, we offer in both constellations a proven approach and effective marketing.

This is also possible due to the manifold support that HÄMMERLE gives you. We take care of almost everything. So our experts come to you and appreciate the residual value of used agricultural machinery, a step that is probably more difficult for you and carries certain risks, for example, if the sales price is set too high and scares prospects. The documentation and photography of the used tractors are also provided by our employees, so that we can put the bid for the auction online soon. Accordingly, the sale can therefore be handled via HÄMMERLE thanks to the auction.


The auction of used agricultural machinery brings several advantages

Forcing is a keyword that always falls at the auction and thus ensures that the buyers bid on the products, as the direct interaction with the competition leads to market prices. Often, the auction of used agricultural machinery regulates a lot by itself. A particular advantage of the large and often heavy agricultural machinery is that we handle the auction for you so that you do not have to worry about any of the logistical steps, since we are right there with you sell from location and take care of the inspection and the pick up of the machines. The buyers have no warranty claims, therefore there is a correspondingly low risk for you thanks to HÄMMERLE.

Not only do we auction the individual used agricultural machines here, but also the auctioning of agricultural holdings in their entirety is an option that HÄMMERLE uses according to a similar principle.


At HÄMMERLE used agricultural machinery to auction is suitable for many interested

Regardless of whether the entire farm is to be auctioned off directly or only a few used agricultural machines, HÄMMERLE has the opportunity to take central steps towards more liquidity. Even dealers of used agricultural machinery will get their money's worth, because we reach many potential customers and the mentioned advantages of the auction are also effective here. It does not have to be difficult to get rid of used agricultural machinery and to beat it from this point - rely on the many years of expertise of HÄMMERLE, one of the largest recycling specialists in Germany.

If you are interested in auctioning used agricultural machinery, then you are in the right place at HÄMMERLE. Please contact us at any time with a non-binding inquiry and benefit from a smooth, timely and market-driven sales process.


Reasons for HÄMMERLE:

  • We specialize in the marketing of agricultural machinery
  • We are publicly appointed and sworn
  • We get the best price for your agricultural machinery
  • We take over the valuation, marketing and pickup
  • We are TÜV certified according to ISO 9001: 2015


No matter if you buy, sell or need a report. Feel free to Contact us by phone or e-mail.