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Baumaschinen verkaufen

Used construction machinery and construction companies auction instead of sale - Our references:


Erd- und Tiefbau Helmut Senn GmbH & Co. KG Insolvenz Auktion Versteigerung
Josef Hums Hoch- u. Tiefbau Insolvenzversteigerung
PD Porth Dachbau Auktion Versteigerung
DHP Bau Auktion Versteigerung



Why do not you auction directly from the location? The auctioning of entire construction companies seems a bit unusual at first glance, but it is not entirely uncommon given the structure of such companies. So there is an awful lot of capital in the machines, as these make up the bulk of such a company. Even single used construction machines can be auctioned at HÄMMERLE and lead to the desired added value. The usual advantages of an auction are here and thanks to the HÄMMERLE platform you can reach many international customers who are very interested in used construction machinery.


The auctioning of construction companies and used construction machinery is possible thanks to HÄMMERLE promptly and efficiently

The auction of used construction equipment or even entire construction companies is a step that has historically been part of HÄMMERLE's classic business. This does not necessarily have to be real construction equipment, because even construction fences or scaffolding are in great demand and can be successfully auctioned off. For both used construction equipment and construction companies, we are not too big an order, we are always oriented to your needs. We adapt the system accordingly. In the past, for example, we successfully marketed around 1,000 inventory items of the company Josef Hums Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG as part of a presence auction. Otherwise, we simply rely on our online platform, with which we reach hundreds of thousands of customers. Further information can be found in our references.

The process is always quite similar here. First of all, it's about estimating the residual value of each used construction machine. Our experts have sufficient experience to determine an appropriate and fair starting price, which then forms the basis of the auction. This price increases until the end of the auction, as the interested parties are under pressure to move. The interested parties also get an overview of the products by cataloging the products directly and preparing them for sale.

Bidders will find valuable information directly in the online catalog, but it is also possible to arrange sightseeing appointments and this is mainly accompanied by our staff, as we are in contact with our customers. Also, the risk is low for you, as there are no warranty claims, if buyers buy used construction machines on our platform. Transport and dismantling costs are not incurred for you either, making the whole process even easier.


The auctioning of used construction machinery is suitable at HÄMMERLE for various reasons

The construction industry is subject to many interesting changes and is accordingly extremely dynamic. Therefore, we attach great importance to offering you an option for all cases. On the one hand, there are bankruptcies in which the used construction machinery becomes insolvent and should help to increase it or generate liquidity for a continuation. But classic industrial auctions are also possible with us, because there are many reasons that go beyond simply servicing used construction machines.

Whether construction containers, excavators, loaders, vibrating plates or transport and working platforms. Potential buyers and prospects only really come under pressure at an auction. An auction also eliminates all negotiations with interested parties. Another advantage is that HÄMMERLE auctioned directly from the location. You have no disassembly effort. The demonstration is carried out by commissioned service providers or the buyers themselves.


For us, the options therefore range from restructuring over reductions and lack of space to very simple plant closures. If you are interested in auctioning used construction machines or entire construction companies for one of these reasons, you are in the right place. For this you can simply use the appropriate form. We will look after you holistically and give you time to focus on the essentials.




Reasons for HÄMMERLE:

  • We specialize in the marketing of construction machinery
  • We are publicly appointed and sworn
  • We get the best price for your construction equipment
  • We take over the valuation, marketing and pickup
  • We are TÜV certified according to ISO 9001: 2015


No matter if you buy, sell or need a report. Contact us by phone or e-mail.