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Verkauf Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

From joinery to furniture workshop: we auction used woodworking machines - Our references:


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Wood has a long tradition as a material and continues to be incredibly productive. This is hardly surprising in the properties of wood, after all, it is stable, sustainable and contributes perfectly to the desired functions, from interior design to home construction. The machine tools required for this are expensive, which is why many potential buyers rely on used woodworking machines. Accordingly, there is a large market for customers for used woodworking machines - exactly these customers can be reached excellently via the HÄMMERLE auction platform.

We are internationally positioned and reach customers from many industries who rely on used woodworking machinery. The marketing over us is therefore very promising.

At HÄMMERLE you therefore have the excellent opportunity to auction the used woodworking machines and to achieve an excellent residual value from this.


The auctioning of used woodworking machines is not uncommon

The first step in auctioning used woodworking machines is always the estimation of the value, here you benefit from the many years of expertise at HÄMMERLE. Obtaining a professional opinion from an expert is important so that it does not sell below value. Successful auctions of used woodworking machines have been here more often. Bankruptcies in particular can benefit, as the case of HMW Möbel GmbH in Halberstadt shows. The assessment of the fixed assets was the basis for a comprehensive restructuring, which offered the company the opportunity to continue. But not only furniture companies benefit from the used woodworking machines, but also smaller and larger businesses, which, for example, carpentry can count.

We are there for you in case of insolvency, but also offer classic industrial auctions. Here it is then for a variety of reasons to achieve new value, which is necessary, for example, in closures, reductions, restructurings or simply for lack of space.


The auctioning of used woodworking machines convinces by many advantages

We want to make the marketing of used woodworking machines as easy as possible and therefore take a lot of work off your hands. This includes, for example, that we do not just carry out the value assessment at your location. We also document all important facts and photograph the used woodworking machines. We also take care of setting up the offers on our platform. Even after successfully auctioning the used woodworking machines, you do not have to worry about much, as even dismantling and transportation are organized by us and our buyers.

Even the customer contact is missing and will be delivered to us. Here you benefit from the auction itself, because you can be sure quite quickly that after the first bid there is a customer. This will also put other interested parties under pressure to push up prices. After the sale there is no guarantee of warranty for the buyers, which further reduces the risk.


With HÄMMERLE you make the right choice for the auction of used woodworking machines

For us it is important for you to achieve the best possible price, because this is exactly what our principle aims for. You can see that not only in our many references in this field, but also in our wide range of services. This is, as you can see on our website, even multiple certified. You are therefore welcome to contact us using our contact form and to join us in initiating further steps to successfully commercialize the used woodworking machines.


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Reasons for HÄMMERLE:

  • We specialize in the marketing of woodworking machinery
  • We are publicly appointed and sworn
  • We get the best price for your woodworking machines
  • We take over the valuation, marketing and pickup
  • We are TÜV certified according to ISO 9001: 2015


No matter if you buy, sell or need a report. Contact us by phone or e-mail.