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Verkauf Kunststoffverarbeitungsmaschinen

At HÄMMERLE used plastic processing machines auction instead of sell - our references:


Gutachten Bewertung
meteor Gummiwerke Gutachten Auktion Versteigerung Insolvenz


Industries and companies that rely on plastic processing machines have the opportunity to market them profitably even after the machines have been operated in-house by a professional marketer such as HÄMMERLE. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from the reorientation of operations through downsizing to insolvency or even closure. Also own technical innovations, which make old machines obsolete, can serve as reasons. But marketing them profitably is not so easy, after all, it is not always possible, especially for very specific products, to simply identify a suitable buyer in a timely manner.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the commercialization of plastic processing machines, we can reach many potential buyers so that you can auction off your discarded machines excellently through our auction platform.

Learn more about the auctioning of used plastic processing machines with HÄMMERLE and decide on an adequate form of recycling.


We offer the best platform for the marketing of your used plastic processing machines

If you are planning on selling a used plastic processing machine for one of the reasons mentioned above, HÄMMERLE is guaranteed to be the right partner for this. For example, we have already successfully evaluated, marketed and used used plastic processing machines in the past, ensuring transparent and safe recycling for our clients in line with market conditions. For example, in the case of the bankruptcy of the Bockenem automotive supplier Meteor. There, before the bankruptcy, various rubber products were manufactured and delivered to the customers. The insolvency proceedings ultimately led to the rescue of the Group through a takeover, which was possible on the basis of our valuation of fixed and current assets.

Consequently, the commercialization of used plastic processing machines by means of an auction can lay the foundation for generating liquidity quickly and in line with the market and strengthening the continuation forecast. But even in other cases, which had nothing to do with insolvency proceedings, our principle of success paid off for marketing via auction. We continue to differentiate between this type of insolvency auction and the classic industrial auction.


The auctioning of used plastic processing machines with HÄMMERLE offers added value through and through

Not only is our auction platform with a huge reach a great advantage. Thus, we offer extensive services for the sale of used plastic processing machines, which will take you any worries. We take care of various aspects and ensure a realistic valuation by making a professional assessment according to recognized standards.

In doing so, we photographically document machines and equipment, evaluate them and, in the process, also ensure the products are online. We also handle the handling of customer contact for you, as we clarify both content-related and organizational issues, for example for inspection, dismantling or pick-up, directly with the interested parties. This saves you a lot of work and allows you to focus on your core competences. In addition, the used plastic processing machines are auctioned off site, so that complex work such as dismantling and transport must not be carried out by yourself. All in all, HÄMMERLE provides services tailored to the needs of the targeted auction of used plastic processing machines, which make for success.

On top of that. The auction itself as a format also offers benefits. Thus the bidding persons and enterprises are put under certain Zugzwang. There are other bidders who are just as interested and accordingly there is a certain risk of being left empty-handed in the end. Also warranty claims do not exist for the buyers of your used plastic processing machines.

If you are interested in a fast and uncomplicated marketing of your used plastic processing machines, make a good decision with a request at HÄMMERLE.




Reasons for HÄMMERLE:

  • We specialize in the marketing of plastic processing machines
  • We are publicly appointed and sworn
  • Processing and customer contact by us
  • We get the best price for your plastic processing machines
  • We take over the valuation, marketing and pickup
  • Wir sind TÜV zertifiziert nach ISO 9001:2015


No matter if you buy, sell or need a report. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.