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Verkauf Metallverarbeitungsmaschinen

Used metalworking machines often have a productive future - our references:


MWK Renningen Insolvenz Auktion Versteigerung
Farymann Diesel Versteigerung
ga automotive Insolvenzversteigerung
Oberberger GmbH Online-Auktion
Heuwieser Metalltechnik GmbH Online-Auktion
GUSSWERK Waltenhofen Online-Auktion


Many processes that take place in metalworking companies only change very slowly over long periods of time. Although there are always innovations and many companies specialize, the equipment is still suitable for a variety of companies in the future. So, the sale of used metalworking machines is often less due to the fact that the devices are sorted out due to excessive wear, but for other causes. From the closure of entire businesses to restructurings to sales due to lack of use, there are many reasons for a sale. You also plan to sell your company or used metalworking machinery?

Whether small individual companies, medium-sized traditional companies or large metal construction companies. With its know-how, HÄMMERLE can determine reliable value retention, especially in the field of metalworking machines and tools, and can thus supply the optimum marketing solution - no matter if CNC machining centers, presses of any kind, milling or turning machines or the laser cutting machine from Trumpf. Why not let your machines auction easily and without negotiations with buyers?

Learn more about auctioning used metalworking machinery and then focus on the benefits HÄMMERLE offers.

The sale of your used metalworking machinery: With the industrial auction HÄMMERLE at market prices

The material metal is not without reason so popular and finds in many everyday products and also in the industry in countless versions use. So it is hardly surprising that HÄMMERLE has already had many cases in the past where we started the sale of used metal processing machines and then implemented them.

For example, at the metal foundry MWK Renningen. Only recently, in 2017, there was an auction of many used metal processing machines, which were found on production areas of 45,000 m². Handling large quantities of used metalworking tools is no problem for HÄMMERLE, which is why we always have the right solution from small to large companies.


HÄMMERLE opens up effective possibilities for the auctioning of used metal processing machines

Why we have been so successful in the past and will be able to auction off used metalworking machines in the market in the future is based on our expertise. We have a long history of evaluating and then marketing the products first. The valuation is extremely important, since the determined values ​​affect the subsequent sale of used metal processing machines.

Self-esteem is difficult, but our experts have the necessary experience and many years of real values ​​in practice. If you use your own estimate prices, the value can quickly be too low and you sell below value, at too high prices you scare off potential buyers and the sale is delayed or does not take place at all. Of course, being in a hurry is extremely critical. The risk is low for us sellers.

There is no guarantee of warranty after the successful sale of the used metalworking machines. The sequence from your request to successful auctioning is basically always the same. Our experts look for your location, which you do not even have to leave for the entire process. There, in addition to the valuation, a photographic and technical documentation is carried out, which is then online within a short time.

Then we maintain contact with interested parties and ensure the best possible marketing of the used metal processing machines - we also clarify questions about transport and customs with the buyers. Contact us at any time without obligation and learn more about the possibilities offered by HÄMMERLE with its international network of buyers.




Reasons for HÄMMERLE:

  • We specialize in the marketing of metal processing machinery
  • We are publicly appointed and sworn
  • We get the best price for your metalworking machines
  • We take over the valuation, marketing and pickup
  • We are TÜV certified according to ISO 9001: 2015


No matter if you buy, sell or need a report. Contact us by phone or e-mail.