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Lot: 30


1 Stück Rollcontainer ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL,  4 Schubladen, abschließbar, Farbe signalweiß  

Bid accepted


Used containers from Insolvency or company closure: The new warehouse at a low price

A sea container offers the best conditions for securely shipping a cargo by sea. However, such a box is also ideal, for example, as a storage container for the construction site. And not a few use the large container as a workshop. Here you will find containers in many different designs. So you too can acquire the optimal used sea container for your very individual requirements. And even at the lowest possible price!


Worth knowing about

The size is usually specified in feet. This is due to the fact that this unit of measurement is generally accepted in the shipping industry. 1 foot (abbreviation "ft" for "foot" in English) corresponds to 30.48 cm. The length is usually 20 or 40 feet (just under six or 12 m). Meanwhile, the width of many containers is eight feet.

Since the sea containers are stacked on ships, they must be very robust and stable. For this reason, the framework is made of steel. The side walls and the floor can also be made of this metal. Often, however, trapezoidal sheets (for the side walls) and wood (for the floor) are used.

Even a small used sea container (20 feet in length) has a dead weight of over two tons. It quickly becomes clear: If you want to move the box, you need heavy equipment. Of course, you can also find this at Hämmerle - we also auction forklifts and other machines for transporting heavy loads.


Specificities of international shipping

If you are purchasing a bulk container at a container auction and want to ship it internationally, you will need a CSC approved or CSC badge. This abbreviation stands for "International Convention for Safe Containers" and ensures the necessary safety when loading and unloading the ships. Note that the used containers do not have an unlimited valid seal. In general, any new model in this field must be retested for safety after five years of use. If he passes this exam, the seal will be extended by 30 months. After the expiry of these 30 months, the next test takes place.

Note: For international shipping only models with CSC approval are eligible.


Warehousing and construction site containers

If you want to use the large box as a storage room, you can fall back on a model with interior lighting. In addition, there are products with multiple doors. In this way, you can quickly reach all stored objects.

If you would like to store your construction site equipment in the container, we advise you to use sealing bars and padlocks. There are also special container locks with which the construction container can be optimally protected against access by strangers.


Buy a used container from Hämmerle

Our wide range of auctions is continuously being extended by new objects - therefore, we are sure that everyone will find the right container for their individual needs. You need a container where you can store the material for the site and protect it from theft? Or are you currently looking for a cheap and good office container? No problem, we from haemmerle.de have containers for many different uses in our assortment - excellent quality always guaranteed!