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Lot: 54

Kernbohrgerät Rothenberger RODIADRILL 1800 DWS

1 Stück Kernbohrgerät Rothenberger RODIADRILL 1800 DWS,  incl. Bohrständer sowie 3 Bohrkronen, Ø 1x ca. 82mm, 1x ca. 102mm und 1x ca.132 mm und Zubehör  

minimum price 400 EUR
400 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 17T 7hrs 23min 54sec (02.05.2024 09:52)
Lot: 170

Betonmischer ATIKA A 130

1 Stück Betonmischer ATIKA A 130,  220V  

minimum price 50 EUR
50 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 17T 9hrs 18min 54sec (02.05.2024 11:47)
Lot: 175


1 Stück Mörtelkübel,  schwarz, mit darin befindlichen Jute-Säcken, insgesamt ca. 18 Stück  

minimum price 30 EUR
30 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 17T 9hrs 23min 54sec (02.05.2024 11:52)
Lot: 177

Schneefräse Honda HS 622 Benzin

1 Stück Schneefräse Honda HS 622 Benzin,  6 PS, 3.600 Watt, Hubraum 160ccm, Drehzahl 3.600 U/min, 4-Takt, Tankinhalt 3,1 Liter, Räumbreite 55cm, Räumhöhe 50cm, Wurfweite 14m, Gewicht: 7...

minimum price 400 EUR
400 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 17T 9hrs 25min 54sec (02.05.2024 11:54)
Lot: 187

Presslufthammer MW P10

1 Stück Presslufthammer MW P10,  108 Dezibel  

minimum price 50 EUR
50 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 17T 9hrs 35min 54sec (02.05.2024 12:04)
Lot: 191

Holzinger Rüttelplatte HRP 80

1 Stück Holzinger Rüttelplatte HRP 80,  ohne die auf der Rüttelplatte liegende Rüttelflasche  

minimum price 100 EUR
100 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 17T 9hrs 39min 54sec (02.05.2024 12:08)
Lot: 194

Gartenfräse mit Benzinmotor

1 Stück Gartenfräse mit Benzinmotor,  Hersteller nicht lesbar, Keilriemen abgenommen, evtl. defekt  

minimum price 50 EUR
50 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 17T 9hrs 42min 54sec (02.05.2024 12:11)
Lot: 282

Radlader Kramer Allrad 312 L mit Gabeln & Hydraulikschaufel Pos. 163

1 Stück Radlader Kramer Allrad 312 L mit Gabeln & Hydraulikschaufel Pos. 163,  Fahrgestell-Nr. 122407, Gewicht 4.800kg, abgelesene Betriebsstunden 4.503,68, Schaufel, Breite ca. 1,7m, Höhe c...

minimum price 5.000 EUR
6.000 EUR
3 Bids
ending in: 17T 11hrs 10min 54sec (02.05.2024 13:39)
Lot: 401


3 Stück Schubkarren,  luftbereift  

minimum price 30 EUR
30 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 9T 12hrs 40min 54sec (24.04.2024 15:09)
Lot: 402


1 Stück Schneeschiebeschild,  Anbaugerät für Husqvarna  

minimum price 80 EUR
80 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 9T 12hrs 41min 54sec (24.04.2024 15:10)
Lot: 842

Elektro-Heizgerät Radiator

1 Stück Elektro-Heizgerät Radiator,   

minimum price 5 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 9T 19hrs 18min 54sec (24.04.2024 21:47)


Everything you need for your construction site - used construction machinery and equipment from HÄMMERLE

The term construction machinery comprises a variety of different vehicle types used in both building construction and underground work. These vehicles include skid-steer loader, crawler, bulldozers, excavators, and cranes. All these are part of special sub-groups suitable for very specific intended use. Therefore, it can be challenging to derive from this a general rule for buying used construction machinery. It rather depends on the type of construction site.

Construction equipment, on the other hand, is made up of all items that facilitate construction work. These include, among others, concrete mixers, and scaffolding. However, this kind of equipment also includes construction trailer.


Buying use excavators, mini excavators, and mobile excavators

If you want to buy an excavator, a construction machinery auction is a right place for you! There are excavators from Volvo, Atlas, and other manufacturers. The right one for you depends, on the desired application. When you buy a mini excavator, you can excavate large areas with a small radius. A walking excavator is characterized by a simple and particularly stable design. Many customers buy these mobile excavators used to save money and to be able to work with the machine in highly difficult terrain. Of course, you can buy many more used mobile excavators and mini excavators. And there is also a choice of larger models.


Buying used forklifts

For construction, you need classic construction machines, such as excavators, cranes, and crawlers but also forklifts. With these devices, you can efficiently transport and store construction equipment. You may have to move the materials to a higher level. One can, for instance, prepare the transport by forklift and then carry it out with a crane.


Site trailers as construction site headquarters

Ask your employees: Every good construction site needs a site trailer! This is the place where workers eat their lunch, hold team meetings and other tasks. Everything starts with sound preparations second-hand vibratory plates and other tools such as demolition hammers are used to treat various materials and surfaces. No construction site would work without such devices! Depending on your needs, HÄMMERLE offers construction site spotlights, small distribution cabinets, and other construction equipment.


Keep construction going with spare parts

At HÄMMERLE you will only find vehicles and equipment in good condition. Since the construction machinery and construction requirements are exposed to high loads on your construction site, you should still consider ordering the corresponding spare parts at the same time. For example, you can buy a used wheel bearing or an dredger bucket. A used wheel bearing is the ideal replacement if, for example, the mini excavator's original bearing breaks. With spare parts, you avoid having to interrupt construction work due to a defect. 


Put the hammer down with HÄMMERLE

Used construction machinery from HÄMMERLE is the perfect alternative to expensive new machinery. On a construction site, not only doors, props, and mini excavators are needed, but you usually need very extensive equipment that meets all requirements. In the process, the necessary expenses can quickly reach frightening proportions. And that is exactly why you should purchase your construction machinery and building supplies from HÄMMERLE.

This not only saves you money but also stress and time. All you must do is decide on one product. We take care of the rest. Have a look at our second-hand construction machinery.