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Lot: 89

Klapp-/Bockleiter Hailo SuperStep 8508

1 Stück Klapp-/Bockleiter Hailo SuperStep 8508,  mit 7 Stufen  

minimum price 15 EUR
15 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 26T 22hrs 57min 14sec (05.07.2023 09:43)
Lot: 90

Aluminium Bockleiter/Klappleiter Hailo

1 Stück Aluminium Bockleiter/Klappleiter Hailo,  mit 7 Stufen, weitere Bezeichnung nicht ersichtlich  

minimum price 15 EUR
15 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 26T 22hrs 58min 14sec (05.07.2023 09:44)
Lot: 92

Aluminium Bockleiter/Klappleiter

1 Stück Aluminium Bockleiter/Klappleiter,  Hersteller nicht ersichtlich, mit 6 Stufen  

minimum price 15 EUR
15 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 26T 23hrs 0min 14sec (05.07.2023 09:46)
Lot: 101


1 Stück Umkleidespind,  mit 2 Türen, Metallausführung, grau meliert  

minimum price 20 EUR
20 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 26T 23hrs 9min 14sec (05.07.2023 09:55)
Lot: 101

RULI 7m Hydraulische Langabkantmaschinen 7025/AV2

1 Stück RULI 7m Hydraulische Langabkantmaschinen 7025/AV2,  BJ. 1978, Nr. 4018, die Maschine ist nicht einsatzbereit, der Hydraulikblock und das Sicherheitsventil sind defekt (siehe Fotos), ...

minimum price 2.000 EUR
2.000 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 10T 22hrs 15min 14sec (19.06.2023 09:01)
Lot: 110

Bockleiter ZARGES

1 Stück Bockleiter ZARGES,  klappbar, mit 2 Stufen, weitere Daten nicht ersichtlich  

minimum price 5 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 26T 23hrs 18min 14sec (05.07.2023 10:04)
Lot: 111

Alu Bockleiter ZARGES

1 Stück Alu Bockleiter ZARGES ,  Typ-Nr. 40415 nach DIN 4568, mit 11 Stufen  

minimum price 15 EUR
15 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 26T 23hrs 19min 14sec (05.07.2023 10:05)
Lot: 161


1 Stück Umkleidespind,  Stahlblech, mit 2 Türen, ca. 1,8x0,5x0,4m, ohne aufliegende und anhängende Gegenstände bzw. Gartengeräte  

minimum price 8 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 0hrs 9min 14sec (05.07.2023 10:55)
Lot: 202

Beistelltisch pols potten

1 Stück Beistelltisch pols potten,  Kunststoff, dunkle Marmoroptik, Breite ca. 90cm, Tiefe ca. 50cm, Höhe ca. 30cm  

minimum price 40 EUR
40 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 0hrs 49min 14sec (05.07.2023 11:35)
Lot: 204

Aluminium Bockleiter ZARGES

1 Stück Aluminium Bockleiter ZARGES,  mit 10 Stufen  

minimum price 15 EUR
15 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 27T 0hrs 51min 14sec (05.07.2023 11:37)


Buy used steel cabinet, workshop equipment, and workshop facilities for reasonable prices form insolvency and company closing

Neu and used workshop equipment include many different devices and machines as well as objects that serve to hold and keep tools and other things. In addition to workbenches, classic workshop equipment also includes workshop trolleys, workbenches, and special workshop cabinets (e.g. a steel cabinet). At HÄMMERLE you will find all of these and other items at the best possible price! The choice of workshop equipment and its range largely depends on the type of your company. For example, in a car workshop, a workshop trolley is essential and the planing bench is indispensable for carpentry.

Find the right equipment for your company or for your personal use in our industry and insolvency auctions and enjoy the used but fully functional helpers! In our category, you will find the following workshop equipment

  • used workbenches
  • used metal and tool cabinets
  • used workshop trolleys
  • used lockers
  • used drawer cabinets
  • used workplace lights
  • ... an more from business closures or bankrupty


Workshop equipment starts at the workbench - buy used workbenches and workbenches at low prices

A workbench forms the basis of every workshop equipment. The latter usually exists. from a worktop with a base made of cupboards and drawers. The worktop is adjustable in height and extremely robust. And it has to be. Finally, material-demanding work is carried out on it. To meet the requirements in the long term, it is often made of beech wood or a similarly robust material and has a powder coating. Metal structures are also available and widely used. These exceed the beechwood once again in terms of robustness.

A used workbench also offers the option of clamping a workpiece and provides storage options for the consumables. This helper has either a closed or an open base. Closed substructures are provided with drawers including a pull-out lock and they are lockable.


Workshop equipment: Used cabinets for the workshop

A used steel cupboard in the form of a hanging or standing cupboard offers enough space for the tools or the consumables. There are also combinations of a workshop cabinet and a tool wall. These enable an even clearer arrangement of the workshop equipment. The cabinet compartments and drawers can be provided with special devices that serve to securely fasten drills, milling cutters, and other tools. Thermoforming inserts are an example of this. These have precise cutouts for your devices.


Why it pays to buy used workshop equipment

Above all, but by no means, only company founders benefit from a workshop equipment auction. The advantage is obvious: With used tool trolleys, used metal tables, etc. you save money! You can partially see that the used articles have already been used, but this does not detract from the functionality. On the contrary: if a workbench or similar Signs of wear, indicates that it has been in use for a long time and did a good job. When selecting the used workshop equipment, you should only pay close attention to the description of the auction. So you don't buy the “pig in a poke” and make sure that the equipment meets your requirements.


Producer of the used workshop equipment in our auction 

In our auction category workshop equipment, you will find well-established brands such as 


You can find used workshop equipment of those producers and many more regularly on our homepage. The offered lots are in a used to good disposition and fulfill the task they have to fulfill also in a used disposition. Sign up for our newsletter and do not miss another auction. 


We would be happy to advise you!

Would you like to know exactly how an auction at HÄMMERLE works? Then please contact us! We will explain the procedure to you and tell you what you need to consider when participating. Of course, we can also provide you with further valuable information on the subject of workshop equipment and other areas. We are a competent partner and are always at your side with advice and action.