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Lot: 75

Wohnanhänger Fendt-Caravan Bianco Selection 550

1 Stück Wohnanhänger Fendt-Caravan Bianco Selection 550,  FIN WFC1550JE1A12332, EZ 20.06.2018, Fahrzeugklasse O2, Anhänger > 0,75-3,5t, Fahrzeugzustand von außen: neuwertig, keine Beschädig...

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Used car trailer - Find it at auctions of HÄMMERLE now!

Trailers are particularly useful as an everyday means of transport, because with the appropriate equipment, it is relatively easy to transport even larger loads. All that is needed is a driving license and a suitable towing vehicle. Companies as well as private individuals, who want to carry out such transports regularly, are well advised with a follower.

In addition there are special versions that convince with specific functions and features. A well-known example of this is the mobile sale of food, the list can of course be expanded as desired. The problem: as new trailers, whether with simple or complex structure, are relatively expensive. The trailers that HÄMMERLE sells at auctions sometimes offer attractive discounts - you can now find the right model!


What variations of followers are there?

The similarities of all followers can be enumerated quickly. So all are clamped to a towing vehicle and have this for a corresponding mechanism. At the same time there is a loading area and at least two wheels. Apart from that, the implementations are flexible, in particular depending on the load of the trailer.

Simple flat trailers, which have only the loading area, are basically basic versions. These are intended for a variety of transports, such as bulky equipment or other vehicles. Other trailers have exterior walls or even ceilings. Higher quantities of goods to be transported can often be transported here, since the securing is simpler. Some trailers are also designed for extra heavy loads or special sizes. In principle, HÄMMERLE, one of Germany's largest collecting societies, regularly offers trailers in various sizes and bodies.

In addition to the quite simple superstructures for trucks, there are also special variants from various market segments. The aforementioned snack is a classic in our auction house, but by no means the only example. For example, refrigerated trailers can also be used to transport perishable products in the food industry. And even animal transporters, for example, for horses, as well as caravans are among the special variants of the trailer to count.

Are you looking for such an execution, browse our entire offer - with a little luck you will find the right offer.


How can the trailer be put into operation?

A big advantage of the trailer is that they are easy to operate. So it is usually only necessary to mount the trailer hitch and secure accordingly. People with a trailer license are familiar with this process anyway. Afterwards a few cables have to be connected, so that the trailer's flashing and brake light system also works. With the release of the brakes and other small steps, you can quickly put the new trailer into operation.


For whom are fans in particular suitable?

Almost every company, every private person and every institution that wants to carry out transport tasks independently can benefit from a trailer. The many size formats allow just that. Even small cars with trailer hitch are suitable for smaller volumes to a limited extent. If you are looking for cheap and functional trailers, you should check the HÄMMERLE offer regularly for suitable models. Here you will find a wide range of models of all sizes and designs.