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Lot: 159

5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum DECKEL MAHO DMU 210 P

1 Stück 5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum DECKEL MAHO DMU 210 P,  BJ 2009, Verfahrwege X/Y/Z = 2.100/2.100/1.250 mm, Werkstückdurchmesser /-höhe max. 2.500/1.450 mm, S/N 11720000053, Leistung 7...

minimum price 150.000 EUR
150.000 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 2T 1hrs 21min 15sec (19.06.2024 11:17)
Lot: 160

5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum FIDIA D318

1 Stück 5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum FIDIA D318,  BJ 2008, S/N, Verfahrwege X/Y/Z = 3.000/1.000/800 mm, Schwenk- und Drehfräskopf (B- und C-Achse) +/- 110° bzw.+/- 361°, Nutenspannplatte 3...

minimum price 40.000 EUR
40.000 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 2T 1hrs 22min 15sec (19.06.2024 11:18)
Lot: 176

5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum DECKEL MAHO DMU 125 P hi-dynamic

1 Stück 5-Achs-CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum DECKEL MAHO DMU 125 P hi-dynamic,  BJ 2002, S/N 11180003243, abgelesene Betriebsstunden 35.411, abgelesene Spindeldrehzeit 19.125, Späneförderer Blecht...

minimum price 30.000 EUR
30.000 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 2T 1hrs 35min 15sec (19.06.2024 11:31)
Lot: 249

kleine Drehbank

1 Stück kleine Drehbank,  Spitzenhöhe ca. 100mm, Spitzenweite ca. 300mm, interne Nr. A64  

minimum price 15 EUR
45 EUR
6 Bids
ending in: 7T 23hrs 23min 15sec (25.06.2024 09:19)


Machining Centers - fully automatic milling, drilling and much more

A machining center, also referred to as BAZ for short, is a numerically controlled industrial machine designed for complete machining. Such a center is therefore equipped with tools for various manufacturing processes, such as milling and drilling. Characteristic of the machines is above all the high level of automation. This not only includes the fully automatic movement, but also the automatic tool change.

The construction of the machines

Machining centers have a main spindle, which they automatically fill with a tool from a magazine. The numerically controlled movement between this main spindle and a workpiece is possible in a straight line on three to five CNC axes. In addition, rotational movement axes can exist. Depending on the position of the main spindle, a distinction is made between horizontal and vertical machining centers. If the machine tool is capable of changing the position of the main spindle, it is a so-called universal machining center.


Important parameters for the purchase decision

If you would like to purchase a used machining center from Hämmerle, you can use the following parameters to compare the different models:

  • the type and number of CNC axes
  • the cutting power or the speed range
  • the dimensions of the working ways
  • the number of magazine tools
  • the entry tolerance
  • Dimensions and load capacity of the workpiece table
  • The resolution of the drives

Chain and plate magazines are used as tool storage. Depending on the situation, a distinction is made between drum and star-shaped magazines. The joining direction is possible both vertically and parallel to the magazine axis. The tool change can be done not only with a single changer, but also with a double changer. This removes the tool from the magazine and the main spindle at the same time.

In addition, pallet systems can be used to reduce the non-productive time, ie the time for loading and unloading as well as for clamping the workpieces. By such a system machining and workpiece change largely parallel to each other.


Suitable for large, small and medium batch production

The machines can be found both at the automobile manufacturer and in the carpenter's workshop. They are used in both large and small businesses. Due to the high degree of automation and the high processing speed, the industrial machines are suitable for large, small and medium batch production. But you will also find in the production of individual pieces use.


The new acquisition - a big financial challenge

Many companies see the perfect alternative to the new machine in the purchase of a used CNC milling machine or another product. A used center is in no way inferior to a new machine in terms of performance. However, the purchase price amounts to only a fraction.


Use Hämmerle to raise production to a new level

A machining center is efficient, efficient and works extremely precisely. The highly complex machine tools are a guarantee for being able to produce any shape during operation. No matter if series parts made of solid material, reworking of individual parts or prototype construction - by purchasing such a machine you raise the efficiency of your production to a new level. In our diverse, ever-changing auction offer various, used machining centers to choose from - here is guaranteed to find any company that is currently on the lookout!

Do you have anymore questions? Then feel free to contact the team of haemmerle.de anytime!