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Extend your vehicle fleet with HÄMMERLE

A survey conducted in 2014 among German vehicle fleet managers showed that all companies with less than ten employees have up to ten vehicles in their vehicle fleets. The study furthermore found that every company with at least 1,000 employees operates more than 500 company vehicles. The number is increasing.

Would you also like to extend your vehicle fleet? Then haemmerle.de is the place for you!


The first commercial vehicles

A little later, Henry Ford revolutionized production in the USA using modern manufacturing methods, for instance, the conveyor belt. The construction of the first combustion engines not only allowed to produce passenger cars for personal transport but also promoted the development of transport vehicles. Initially, this field took up by loading-bed-equipped trucks. Many other types of commercial vehicles were soon devised. These were increasingly adapted to their tasks in the various industries. Thus, the first companies that concentrated on manufacturing specialized vehicles for the building industry and the agricultural sector soon emerged.

Today, there are

custom-made vehicles for all tasks and in all kinds of designs. During a

HÄMMERLE Auction, you are guaranteed to find the perfect vehicle for your company!


Weight class of up to 3.5 tonnes

Commercial vehicles in the weight class of up to 3.5 tonnes are used in goods and passenger transport. With a few exceptions, these vehicles you can drive with a car driving license. This weight class includes, for example, vans, station wagons with cargo space, and high-roof station wagons.


Tractors and trucks

If your company is active in the logistics sector, you are at least particularly interested in semi-trailer tractors and trucks. These are available with different superstructures. The weight class starts at 3.5 to 40 tons and more. Such a used truck can also be combined with a trailer or semi-trailer, for example.


Municipal sector and passenger transport

Commercial vehicles such as road sweepers play a particularly important role in the municipal sector. Tractors, including mowers, snowploughs, and similar attachments, are used in road maintenance. Buses can be used for both municipal and commercial passenger transport.

As you can see, the choice of vehicles knows almost no limits. And the best thing about all of this: Buying a used vehicle at a HÄMMERLE auction saves you lots of money over buying a new vehicle.


Construction and farming machinery

The construction and farming industry requires vehicles capable of transporting particularly high loads. These include excavators, bulldozers, tractors, and other farming machinery.


Passenger cars for your fleet

We offer second-hand trucks and used vans but also other commercial vehicles.

The range also includes passenger cars to extend your vehicle fleet. Once again, the auction offer is very broad and consists of high-quality items. We carry many different brands – no matter if you want a Porsche or a Ford, you will find the right vehicle for your requirements, guaranteed.

Questions? Just contact us!