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You want to auction? Here at HÄMMERLE, you have found the right place!

You want to auction an object or a real estate or a whole company? Then you are in the right place with HÄMMERLE! We unite all services that are needed for successful, uncomplicated utilization.

Our Services are inventory, auction, transportation, and clearing of an object. With HÄMMERLE you get the whole utilization process out of one hand. That means very little effort for you. We achieve the best prices and our auction times are very short- we guarantee a fast settlement. 


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What can you auction at HÄMMERLE?

HÄMMERLE brings not only small trucks, excavators, luxury limousines, and other items. You can even sell off cranes and entire aircraft fleets. What distinguishes us from the conventional auctioneers: we provide you with secured, lockable parking facilities for your vehicles

If you want to auction off your machines, industrial equipment, or your entire business facilities, this is also no problem. We are specialized in the liquidation of operating and industrial equipment.

I addition to the items already mentioned, HÄMMERLE can also sell „small" goods to end-users. We have special expertise in target group-specific advertising and marketing. Also, we are always interested in the liquidation of unusual items. 




What for services around the auction does HÄMMERLE offer?

As soon as our team determines the suitability of your property for the sell-off we take care of processing the liquidation. We determine the valuation prices, photograph and catalog your item and market it among numerous potential buyers. Of course, we will always stay in close contact with you. This is the only way we can ensure that your item is sold off as you wish. Often, we manage to surpass our pre-estimates in terms of prices. What drives us is your satisfaction!




How do I benefit from auction my items with HÄMMERLE?

Our team consists of various experts who have extensive knowledge of current market trends. We have access to comprehensive databases and determine the value of your item to the best of our knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding your item. In some cases, we would like to arrange an appointment on-site to obtain the necessary information. If you prefer, we can of course also arrange an appointment at the nearest office.  

What if my item is not sold off?

If your item is not sold at the previously set minimum price, of course, we would simply not sell your item in the auction. You can choose whether to take the item back or to try and auction it again. You can of course also commission the sale. HÄMMERLE would be glad to get in touch with you to determine the method with the best possible results for you.



What are my benefits in selling off at HÄMMERLE?

  • No expenses: We take care of the description as well as the marketing and all the steps necessary to sell off your item
  • Offer diversity: HÄMMERLE auctions your car, your crane and even your entire company
  • Best prices: We determine the minimum price to be achieved in close consultation with you. Frequently, we can significantly surpass the preliminary estimates
  • Rapid sales: You benefit from short auction runs and quick processing