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Regardless of whether it is a business abandonment or bankruptcy: auctions in Heidelberg through HÄMMERLE - for optimal proceeds.

Are you looking for a way to sell inventory, remaining stock, operating equipment or maybe even an entire company in Heidelberg quickly and efficiently? How about an auction by a publicly appointed auctioneer instead of a sale? We have been marketing for you nationwide, internationally and even worldwide - for 3 decades now. We are your partner for successful auctions in and around the Heidelberg region and position ourselves with our 7 nationwide branches as a full-service provider for the valuation and exploitation of companies (components) from industry and trade, regardless of the sector in which you operate .

We work for both companies and private individuals, but we make most of our experience available to insolvency administrators, banks or leasing companies. We also dissolve entire companies and carry out plant or site closures on your behalf. You also have a competent contact person at your side when it comes to warehouse sales and business tasks.

Our services include inventory, auction, transport and (swept) clearing of the property. With us you get the entire recycling process from a single source. For you, this means as little effort as possible. We achieve the best results and the auction times are very short - we guarantee quick processing - with swept-clean clearance if required - we guarantee you.


Auctions in Heidelberg - ✓ publicly ordered and sworn in

In order to generate fresh capital quickly and securely and thus secure liquidation or company insolvency, industrial goods are about the broadest possible marketing, i.e. international or even worldwide. Depending on the industry, it may also be necessary to conduct the auction in Heidelberg as a face-to-face or online auction. We are your contact for both variants.With an auction from the Heidelberg location, we also offer significant advantages compared to a laborious individual sale - e.g .:

  • Internationally frequented auctions in Heidelberg increase the chance of transparent, fair-value utilization.
  • As a publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, HÄMMERLE ensures that everything runs smoothly, as an independent intermediary between buyer and seller.
  • An auction in Heidelberg, which is carried out directly from the factory or business premises, enables a sale with the exclusion of warranty and guarantee obligations towards you as the seller or consignor.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a recovery specialist in Heidelberg as an insolvency administrator, a restructuring of the company or a modernization - with us as a partner, you can effectively utilize used machines and systems as part of an auction in Heidelberg. Our head office is certified by TÜV-Süd for particularly efficient and safe work processes.


Your auction house in Heidelberg: benefit from sophisticated processes

Our aim as an auction house is to provide you with competent support at every relevant step. That is why experts from various disciplines work hand in hand in our team to do everything possible to ensure the success of the exploitation. We have established certain services especially for the needs of insolvency administrators, also in Heidelberg, which relieve you in your area of responsibility and allow you to focus on the essentials. Here is a compact selection of our services as an auction house for the Heidelberg area for better understanding:

  • Rapid inventories of mobile assets
  • Clarification of any foreign and third party rights
  • Creation of market-oriented reports for the best possible listing
  • Safeguards
  • Execution of screening dates
  • On request: takeover of all activities in the course of site closures or plant closings
  • Data backup or proper data deletion

These accompanying services ensure that auctions from Heidelberg represent maximum sales success. We offer you either the online auction or a presence auction in Heidelberg, which quickly generates liquidity, minimizes liability risks and supports you in your work as an insolvency administrator in Heidelberg.


Is it about the Heidelberg area? Choose HÄMMERLE as an auctioneer!

We understand our job as an auctioneer in Heidelberg to support you in the best possible way in the sale of any industrial goods. Starting with the market expertise of our team, through internationally frequented auctions from the Heidelberg location, to ensuring a secure sales process. Focus on the essentials and leave the rest to HÄMMERLE - we will take care of it!


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