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Compressors, machining centers, forklifts and the like: with an online auction in Stuttgart for new liquidity

Only innovative, efficient industrial companies are able to master the challenges of the changing business environment. This requires appropriate systems and machines, the purchase of which, however, ties up a lot of capital. In the course of an auction for Stuttgart, HÄMMERLE offers you the option of realizing all fixed assets at market prices. We are one of the largest collecting societies in the Federal Republic and with our location in Bad Waldsee also represented in Baden-Württemberg.


Our offer includes:

  • Planning, implementation and handling of all processes related to an auction in and around Stuttgart
  • Inventory and preparation of an appraisal report based on own data and three decades of practical experience
  • Especially for insolvency administrators in Stuttgart: clarification of any foreign and third party rights, data backup and data deletion
  • Acquisition of evictions, site or plant closings as part of the company's restructuring


In short: HÄMMERLE not only offers you properly executed, legally secure auctions from Stuttgart, but the entire range of services around it. Concentrate on the essentials and let us do the rest!


What are the advantages of an online auction for Stuttgart?

The difficulty in realizing mobile assets is to address relevant prospective buyers. Especially in niche areas, there are often only a few competitors, who are also very spatially separated. This not only makes retail sales inefficient and difficult, but also comes at the expense of your wallet - market prices can therefore only be achieved with an online auction from Stuttgart.

The reason for this: HÄMMERLE regularly organizes nationally and internationally frequented auctions from Stuttgart, so that a transparent pricing process is guaranteed. This is exemplified by recycling with up to 30 percent above the expert breakdown value.

Our auction house in Stuttgart and the surrounding area offers a wide range of services in order to make the best possible use of your assets that are no longer required. Regardless of whether you want to close the location as an insolvency administrator in Stuttgart, relocate business premises or ensure other processes. As a publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, HÄMMERLE offers you predictability and ideal exploitation results.


Auction for Stuttgart: dismantling, transport and Co. are taken over by the buyer

When it comes to restructuring, operational changes or winding up in the course of the work of an insolvency administrator in Stuttgart, time is of the essence. The faster workshops and Co. can be closed, the sooner new liquidity is available. The special thing about an online auction from Stuttgart is the fact that the highest bidder with a surcharge as the owner is responsible for dismantling, removal and the like.

This means: Not only do you significantly reduce costs and risks, there are also no warranty and guarantee rights associated with this. “Purchased as seen” applies - the buyer also bears the cost of HÄMMERLE, your auction house for Stuttgart, through a premium.


Auction for Stuttgart: Can be carried out as an online auction - find out more now!

We support you with broad expertise, experience from three decades and internationally frequented auctions for Stuttgart with maximum exploitation success. Your goal is our goal, we are measured against it.

Feel free to contact us at any time, whether as an insolvency administrator in Stuttgart, as a restructuring consultant or as part of a business downsizing. We ensure that all processes run smoothly and thus create the basis that matters.

With HÄMMERLE and professional auctions for Stuttgart, you leave nothing to chance. Contact us without obligation.

CONTACT US  and learn more about the possibilities that an auction around the Stuttgart region offers. We advise you without obligation!


An overview of our services:

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