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Auction objects from business closing or insolvency at -  safe and simple

At HÄMMERLE, you can bid on vehicles, tools, wood-working machines, or comprehensive workshop equipment as well as objects such as metal-processing machines, compressors, or, with increasing frequency, inventories, and surplus goods.

We are primarily commissioned by insolvency administrators and banks with the liquidation of mobile fixed assets and possibly inventories from insolvencies. At HÄMMERLE, auctions are almost exclusively performed online. The typical term is usually three to four weeks, shorter liquidation measures may also be necessary in exceptional cases.




How does bidding with HÄMMERLE work?

An auction begins with a start price for the item, which is determined by our appraisers. In most cases, this price is also the minimum price, i.e. no bids are accepted or valid below this “limit”. Bids submitted by bidders are visible throughout the online auction and increase the minimum bid for entering the auction. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder is awarded the winning bid.

As with all industrial auctions, HÄMMERLE also ensures a subsequent bidding time of 120 seconds. Subsequent bidding is initiated when a higher bid is made shortly before the end of the regular bidding time. Subsequent bidding ends and the item is awarded if no other bids are placed within 120 seconds. It is also possible to enter a maximum bid at the start of the auction – in this case, our bidding agent automatically takes over the bidding up to the stated maximum amount.

You are the owner of the property, car, or machine if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction. From this point on, you have all the rights and obligations associated with the object. There is a common misconception. Many buyers assume that the rights and obligations are only transferred when, e.g., the real estate object is entered into the land register.

However, an exception applies based on section 168 of the Insolvency Code. Accordingly, the acceptance of the bid remains subject to the approval of the owner’s protection provider. You will only know whether your bid has resulted in a legally binding purchase when we send you a concluding confirmation or cancellation within five to ten days after the auction. You are bound to your bid until then.




What happens after I purchase an item in an auction?

You will receive a digital invoice via email within two business days after purchasing an auction item. This invoice indicates the total amount to be paid, the payment date, and other costs (surcharge, VAT). The invoice provides a detailed itemization of costs for the purchased object. The invoice amount is due immediately, and the goods can only be collected on the collection dates stated in the auction description once receivables have been settled.

The amount is to be paid to HÄMMERLE. We are meanwhile liable for the legally compliant preparation and execution of the auction. A separate processing bank account is established for each auction procedure, which is closed again with the conclusion of the procedure. We, therefore, ask you to not save the bank information in your favourites.

The auction description, which can be viewed before placing a bid, describes all further auction procedures as well as payment and transfer modalities. These terms are binding, which means you must bear any additional costs if you demand other forms of transfer, etc. Dates are also binding. You are responsible for all matters associated with the collection, which also includes disassembly and the required expenditure for tools.

What else must I keep in mind in regard to bidding?

Please note that you are entering into an obligation when purchasing an object in an auction! HÄMMERLE is authorized to rescind from the purchase contract if you do not abide by this obligation despite receiving a written request. Non-compliance may result in legal action, and the object will be auctioned off again. A subsequent auction does not result in proceeds for the previous buyer.


Where can I get more information?

As you can see, we have a competent team and comprehensive expertise regarding auctions and the topic of "bidding". HÄMMERLE is your competent partner for auctions – no matter whether you are bidding on a car, company, or another object. Please contact us if you require more information.

We look forward to a personal consultation!