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Welcome to HÄMMERLE - YOUR partner for company sales, appraisals  and auctions. We achieve the best possible results for our customers and partners. We offer a holistic concept that includes not only appraisals or auctions but also other innovative services like insolvency auctions. HÄMMERLE is one of the largest liquidation companies in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Since nearly 30 years, thousands of customers have put their trust in our know-how and the passion with which we pursue our work. We are a flexible partner for appraisals, auctions, sell off of all kinds. Not least of all thanks to this flexibility both leasing companies and banks as well as renowned administrators and private clients put their trust in our expertise.

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What distinguishes insolvency auctions and other HÄMMERLE auctions?

At Hämmerle you will find sales and sell off on regular basis, both for different equipments and second-hand machines and other items. We are also there for you if your company discontinues operation or if an insolvency is pending: We market the entire business and operating equipment in complete sales or in international industrial auctions. Thanks to our global customer network we are sure to create the suitable market for every sell off and for every liquidation.

We are there for you during the entire process.

Our range of services includes the clarification of complex legal matters, the securing and storage as well as the international advertising and many other services.



Our range of services at a glance - bankruptcy auctions and more!



Thanks to our innovative approach we find the ideal solution to bring your machine and other items to a buyer at top prices. Whether industrial auction for surplus machines or insolvency sell off of companies, you can count on Hämmerle!


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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland

Our locations

HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland

Headquarter ECHING

Bichlmannstraße 8
84174 Eching

t: +49 8709 94990-20
f:  +49 8709 94990-69

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Französische Strasse 12
10117 Berlin

t: +49 30 20188-358
f: +49 30 80093-224

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Reutestraße 57
D-88339 Bad Waldsee

t: +49 7524 9968913
f: +49 7524 9968914

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Goethestraße 41
D-76275 Ettlingen

t: 0800-22717 00

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Schunterstraße 9 c
D-38179 Schwülper OT Walle

t: 0800-22717 00

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Breite Strasse 22,
40213 Düsseldorf

t: +49 211 78179008
f: +49 8122 2271751

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HÄMMERLE GmbH Standorte Deutschland


Am Würzbach 28
07768 Hummelshain

t +49 3641 2686113
f +49 8709 94990 69

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HÄMMERLE Standorte

HÄMMERLE Zentrale Eching

HÄMMERLE Niederlassung Berlin

Unsere Standorte

HÄMMERLE Niederlassung Rhein-Pfalz

HÄMMERLE Niederlassung Ostdeutschland Jena

HÄMMERLE Niederlassung NRW

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Even if appraisals and auctions are not our only services, they still play a major role in our daily work. We carry out both live auctions, i.e. on-site sell off, as well as online auctions, in other words: Sell off where you do not need to be present. We are also a competent partner in online trading.

Our live sell off takes place several times a year and based on an established form. All interested parties can be found at the location (for example, the headquarters of a company). Here you have the opportunity to inspect the machines. The sell off takes place in accordance with auction regulation. The auctioneer calls up the items and receives the bids from the interested parties. The highest bidder wins the bid. Invoicing is done directly on site. The possible date of collection, among other things, depends on the marginal conditions and the disassembly costs. In many cases you can take away the small machines you have purchased right after the auction.

Online auctions are usually carried out analogous to live sell off. All relevant information such as price of the item are presented online. Just like with a live auction, you have the opportunity to make a subsequent bid. After the auction you will receive the invoice in digital form via e-mail. After the full payment the item can be collected according to agreement.

The Online Trading is similar to the free sale on site. The procedures for inspection, payment and collection are the same as in an online auction. However, here the pricing is more free; i.e. Hämmerle does not have the exclusive marketing right in the Online Trading. In addition, the awarding of the bids must be carried out manually.

Our company is set up in Germany in such a way that we are never far from the respective location. Thanks to the optimised branch allocation, Hämmerle can react to local market requirements at any time. Quick and uncomplicated - that is our motto! Register for free and take advantage of our know-how in appraisals and auctions and in many other areas. Our offer is intended specially but not exclusively for dealers and commercial customers. With us, even as private customer and/or end user you can go on "bargain hunting" and submit bids. Hämmerle - your strong partner for reliable assessments and optimal marketing solutions!

Hämmerle – Ihr starker Partner für verlässliche Bewertungen und optimale Vermarktungslösungen!

Industrial auctions touch on various areas that require broad expertise, long years of experience and methodical processes on the part of the appraiser. Hämmerle’s service portfolio combines these characteristics. At Hämmerle, we determine a conclusive value you can work with for fixed and current operational assets. If needed, we consult with external valuation specialists in order to achieve the best possible results. Hämmerle offers reports based on a number of valuation methods; the service includes taking inventory and a final plausibility check. If you need a quick and concise valuation of your investment value, make use of our desktop or floor valuations. We can also calculate the residual value for a future date using a value progression analysis. Hämmerle guarantees you access to decades of auction expertise, a transparent marketing platform, access to solvent bidders in a wide variety of industries and of course a pertinent and professional appraisal process. Based on comprehensive photo documentation, an easy to read presentation of relevant data as well as pertinent and professional experience, Hämmerle assessments are spot on for the market situation in question.



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