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Safeguard, appraisal and marketing for your leased and collateral assets.

Our service for

leasing companies
& credit institutions

Quick inventory, appraisal and optimal realisation of any company asset.

Our service for

insolvency administrators &
restructuring advisers

Appraisal and sale of your company assets - for new investments, restructuring or shut down.

Our service for

companies &
private clients

We know how much it is worth and how to sell it! – HÄMMERLE is your trusted partner for appraisal and valuation of assets, since nearly 30 years of experience, more than 10,000 company valuations as well as 1,2 million individual valuations. Our headquarters in Eching, certified in accordance with TÜV ISO 9001:2015, sets standards for quality, transparency and customer service.

An essential feature of our service portfolio is assessment and targeted services carried out on behalf of our clients. Law firms, insolvency administration or credit institutes - HÄMMERLE’s core focus is the appropriate valuation of the assets to be auctioned off and a smooth realisation process. With realisation proceeds of up to 30 percent above the scrap valuation, HÄMMERLE is the go to contact partner for fair market valuation in all relevant areas.

Take a look at our references in this segment, and put your trust in 1,2 million individual valuations, over 4,000 assessments in all industries and a well rounded service offer. Based on GOI principles, TÜV certified standards of quality management and the services of various qualified experts, HÄMMERLE guarantees maximum valuation success.

For more information on our methods, as well as specific requirements and other aspects of our asset assessment process, please click here.

Leasing companies & credit institutions
  • Creation of fair market reports
  • Expert appraisals on site or online
  • Safeguarding and storage of collateral goods
  • Inventory analyses and continuous appraisals
  • Professional realisation via live or online auctions
Insolvency administrators & restructuring advisers
  • Quick inventory of moveable capital assets
  • Creation of fair market reports
  • Clarification of foreign and third party rights
  • International realisation activities via public live or online auctions
  • Clearance and closure of locations
  • Data backup and data deletion
Companies and Private Clients
  • Inventory, assessment, photo documentation
  • Valuation considering scrap and continuation value
  • Marketing of capital assets no longer required, with optimal realisation results
  • Processing of business, location or plant closures.
  • Purchase of company assets with repurchase option


  • is publicly appointed and sworn in. TÜV certified, works transparently for the client and the bidder.
  • has 7 locations in Germany, so there is bound to be one near you.
  • has taken charge of over 10,000 assessments of companies of all sizes and in all industries.
  • auctions and sells over 10,000 individual lots per year in over 100 auctions, either on site or online.
  • creates on average 350 fair market reports for clients taking scrap and continuation values into consideration.
  • achieves realisation results with over 30% more profit than the scrap value.

In addition to creating fair market reports, HÄMMERLE is particularly focused on accompanying services as part of realisation from machines and other assets in industrial auctions.

  • In cooperation with partners, the HÄMMERLE Auction House provides disassembly support, for example for systems, machines or even entire industrial buildings. We coordinate communication between all parties, discuss case specific particularities and guarantee a smooth process.
  • As part of the process, we use appropriate methods to secure your capital assets and arrange for realisation. We keep in close contact with you to ensure they are stored appropriately in a suitable location. Years of experience allow us to methodically exhaust all legal options, so that we can access expert legal advice in the event of an emergency.
  • When it comes to transporting each machine or auction item, HÄMMERLE guarantees that the goods will be handled appropriately from pick-up to drop off and beyond. We take care of planning all major steps and help you with implementation.
  • Finally, we do everything in our power to market the realisation object and achieve a reasonable market price. We work beyond borders, clarify any potential legal risks and put our contacts to good use. With over 30 years of experience when it comes to realisation of assets, HÄMMERLE is at your side providing a broad repertoire of market expertise, methods and targeted marketing.

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