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From A to Z
Our glossary provides information about the basic terms of our industry and answers the most important questions related to appraisals and industrial auctions.
  • Activation code

    An activation code, generated by us is required in order to activate your bidder account. In the first registration step, you receive an e-mail with an activation link after entering your e-mail address and password of your choosing. Clicking on the link brings up the entry mask for your personal data. Please do not change the automatically deposited activation code. You only have to supplement your personal information. Please verify that the provided data is correct since we require this data for the invoicing process. Your data will NOT be forwarded to third parties. Further assistance with the registration process is available here.

  • Activation link

    In the second registration step, you receive an email with which you can confirm the correctness of your e-mail address. Click on the link in the e-mail. Copy the complete link and insert it in the address bar if your e-mail programme blocks the selection. Please fill in your personal contact data.

  • Alternative date

    Insofar as company matters permit, separate collection dates can be agreed upon but only after previous consultation. A net charge of € 500.– is calculated for a separate collection date, which must be paid in advance. However, an entitlement to a separate collection date is not provided.

  • Arrival confirmation

    The arrival confirmation (also transfer verification) ensures that tax-free intra-Community deliveries by companies within the scope of application of the German Value Added Tax Act actually arrive in countries outside of the EU. As a foreign bidder, you will automatically receive an arrival confirmation by e-mail at the time of invoicing, which you are required to fill out, sign and send back to us.

  • Auction

    Our auctions are public and almost anyone who registers with us as a bidder can participate after verification and clearance. In our auctions, all objects listed in the catalogue are called up consecutively (with the exception of withdrawn positions). The highest bid wins. The price of an object is determined directly by supply and demand, which makes this form of sale unique. Here you can learn more about HÄMMERLE as an auction house.

  • Auction calendar

    Our auction calendar gives you a quick overview of all on-going HÄMMERLE auctions as well as of viewing and collection dates. You can always see when the next HÄMMERLE auction ends.

  • Auction number

    The auction number is a consecutive number that unambiguously identifies individual HÄMMERLE auctions. Please always refer to this number if you have questions regarding the auction.

  • Auction results

    We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any information about the results of individual positions or auctions due to data-protection regulations once the winning bid has been accepted.

  • Auction running times

    Auction details tell you how long an auction lasts and what the time windows are for submitting your bid on individual items. Our auctions usually go on for 3-5 weeks. Items end time-delayed, usually at 9:00 am. If possible, auctions do not end outside of our business hours.

  • Auction status

    Our auctions are divided into 4 phases. An auction is often already listed online before it begins. No bids can be submitted while the auction is in this status, and the indicated running time of the auction and its position number or description may still change. An ongoing auction with the status current is an auction that is presently in the regular bidding phase. You can submit bids or increase your bid at any time during this phase. As soon as the auction is over, the status switches to the status post-auction sale during which you can still bid on available items. The auction is marked as concluded if all objects have been surrendered. It is then no longer possible to make purchases in this auction even if items are still marked as unsold. The post-auction sale is skipped and the auction is immediately marked as concluded if all items of an ongoing auction have been sold.

  • Auction types

    We almost exclusively perform our auctions online. In addition to online auctions, physical attendance auctions – directly on-site – are also an option. We also hold live auctions.

  • Auctioneer

    The auctioneer manages the auction in an orderly and fiduciary correct manner and must represent the interests of both the provider (seller) and the bidder (purchaser). HÄMMERLE is publicly appointed and sworn.

  • Auctioneering conditions

    You must accept our auctioneering conditions when registering on our auction platform. Please read our auctioneering conditions before submitting bids for online auctions.

  • Awarding

    Principally, the highest bidder is awarded the position. The English auction is the most-well known auction type. Based on a fixed minimum price, increasingly higher bids are submitted until no more bids are received. The last bidder wins. While logged in, you can view your highest bids in the winning bid list. You can also directly enter your maximum bid. We then automatically increase your bid up to this amount in case bids are also placed by a competitor. This increases your chances of winning the bid and saves you the trouble of having to manually enter your bid each time.

  • Bidder

    You are a HÄMMERLE bidder as soon as you participate in an auction by submitting a bid. You are authorised to submit bids after registration and clearance. Physical attendance bidders are bidders that attend a traditional physical attendance auction on-site. You can register with us as a bidder for free without obligations 

  • Bidder account

    A convenient dashboard has been integrated for you. From here, you can manage watch lists for interesting objects, place and check bids, view results, use our data archive and view your invoices. You can easily and securely submit your bid during live auctions via your PC if you also registered for live auctions. Create your bidder account here or log in.

  • Bidder number

    You can view your bidder number in your dashboard. After registration, click on your e-mail address in the header of the website or call up your bidder account via the main menu.

  • Bidding

    Here you can learn everything you need to know about purchasing objects from insolvency and industrial auctions at our auction house.

  • Bidding assistant

    Our bidding assistant automatically submits your bid up to the maximum amount set by you. The bidding assistant is activated automatically when you submit a bid that is higher than the next bidding step. The assistant then bids up to the amount defined by you.

  • Bidding history

    Your bidding history will show the last 10 submitted bids for the position. If a bid is entered twice on account of a previous bidder entering the same bid as a maximum offer, then the bid that was submitted first takes precedence.

  • Bidding steps

    Bidding is only possible according to prescribed bidding steps. At a certain amount, the bidding price is increased by fixed amounts in order to effectively advance the auction. Bidding steps are usually increased when a higher bid is received. Further information on bidding steps is displayed in the bidding mask when submitting a bid.

  • Biddsteps

    See bidding steps.

  • Bids

    You will find your binds in the bidding list on your bidding account. Bids for individual positions – also from other bidders – can be viewed in the bidding history of a position.

  • Call-out

     At our auction, positions are called out in the sequence specified in the online catalogue, starting with the call-out price/start price until the highest bid is received.

  • Call-out price

    Our experts determine call-out prices before the auction begins and set the start price for a position that is to be called out. Bids can only be submitted above this determined value based on the prescribed bidding steps.

  • Cancellation

    In accordance with our online auctioneering conditions, bidders are bound by their offer until a higher bid is received. It is not possible to cancel a submitted bid. Here you can learn more about why cancellations are not possible.

  • Cancellation of vehicle registration

    The registrations of vehicles sold in our auctions must be cancelled once the winning bid has been accepted. Even if license plates and plaques are still visible in the photos. Please bring red provisional license plates or a vehicle trailer to the collection site.

  • Catalogue

    See online catalogue.

  • Categories

    We divided our offered objects into various categories in order to ensure easy navigation so that you can quickly find what you are looking for amongst the individual auctions. In your personal settings, you can determine which categories are especially of interest to you. We will inform you via e-mail about new auctions in the respective categories.

  • Certification

    Our services are certified by TÜV Süd according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Here you can learn more about the topic of rating & certification.

  • Change billing address

    Please note that we can only make changes to the invoice recipient within 4 weeks of the invoice date!

  • Changing the e-mail address

    Due to safety and data-protection reasons, it is not possible to change the e-mail address that was used in the registration. You must create a new account if your e-mail address changes. You can then delete your old account in the settings menu or ask us to deactivate your old account.

  • Clearance

    After registration, we have to clear you for the bidding process so that you can participate in our auctions. We recommend that you register with us at the latest 2 business days prior to the auction in which you want to participate as this is the only way to ensure sufficient time for clarifying any follow-up questions. For a quick registration process, please ensure the correctness of your provided data, specifically with respect to the VAT ID, company headquarters, address and company name. Clearance can usually no longer be issued if you register late on the day the auction ends.

  • Clearing out premises

    Here you can learn more about the topic of clearing out premises.

  • CMR

    Compliance with CMR is required for transporting goods across borders. We stamp and sign the documentation provided by your hauling company at the time of collection. The abbreviation CMR stands for Convention relative au contrat de transport international des marchandises par route or: Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. The CMR includes stipulations for international, overland transport of goods.

  • Collection

    The invoice must generally be paid before the article is handed over once your bid has been accepted and you receive an invoice. Collection times and sites are usually already published prior to the auction. Additionally, the e-mail with your invoice also provides other necessary information. Determined collection times must be observed, and you as the buyer are responsible for proper dismantling and loading of the goods on-site. Please have the respective equipment such as lifting devices and tools as well as any necessary assisting personnel at your disposal. The auction description will state if a forklift is available on-site. If not mentioned, then the forklift must also be provided by you or organised or rented nearby. We will charge you with the costs for dismantling, transfer and storage if you do not collect your purchased items.

  • Complaints

    HÄMMERLE performs public and transparent auctions. Your bid and any surcharge are legally binding. You cannot withdraw from a submitted bid or the acceptance of a winning bid. HÄMMERLE auctions off objects in the condition in which they were handed over by the client. Therefore, a warranty with respect to quality, condition, completeness, apparent or hidden defects or damages cannot be issued. You should take advantage of the viewing day and check the condition of items that are of interest to you. Please note our GTC for auctions. Purchase as viewed, returns excluded. Here you can learn more about the differences between auction houses and online shops.

  • Complete auctions

    A complete auction refers to the consolidation of all positions of an auction. No individual prices are listed in the online catalogue for a complete auction. Thus, the call-out price and your bid always refer to all objects depicted and described in the auction catalogue. Open any position in the complete auction and click on the button "Bid on all positions of this auction" in order to submit your bid or view the bidding history. All objects purchased by auction must be collected on the collection day. Please also note the auction description since the purchaser may have to ensure that the premises are swept clean.

  • Continuation value

    The continuation value is a partial value that is determined within the context of a total company divestment with the intention to continue the usage of the object.

  • Customs

    Please contact us if you have any questions about customs clearance and customs.

  • Data protection

    Data protection is important to us. Our data-protection declaration tells you everything you need to know about this topic.

  • Delay

    Please contact us immediately by phone if you know that you will be late for a collection appointment. Contact data for our employees who supervise the collection on-site is stated in the e-mail through which your payment was confirmed. Further actions can then be directly coordinated.

  • Delivery verification

    Foreign bidders receive a delivery verification as an annex to the awarding invoice together with the invoice. You are required to fill out, sign and return the verification with a copy of your passport prior to collection. The verification is submitted to the German tax office.

  • Description

    All statements in the descriptions have been recorded to the best of our knowledge and belief, but are issued without a guarantee. We offer viewing dates so that you can inspect the actual condition yourself.

  • Desktop appraisal

    Our experts appraise values based on transmitted documents, information and photos in order to ensure a cost-effective and quick value determination. Here you can learn more about value determinations options.

  • Direct purchasing

    All items offered by us can exclusively be purchased via the respective auction. Free and post-auction sales are the exception as bids are accepted manually in these cases.

  • Disassembly

    The purchaser is always responsible for planning and executing the disassembly of machines and facilities, which is why you should always take expenditure and costs for the disassembly of the object into account when submitting a bid. We recommend inspecting the local conditions on the viewing day prior to submitting a bid in order to avoid subsequent complications during collection. We are happy to connect you with disassembly or transport companies whom you can commission with collection and/or disassembly.

  • Dismantling

    As the buyer, you are responsible for dismantling and transporting the items you purchased in the auction. Please have the necessary tools, lifting equipment, means of transportation and assisting personnel at your disposal at the collection site.

  • Documentation

    Experts take stock of the assets for the appraisal or liquidation order or simply of all assets. Objects are recorded, described and photo-documented. Documentation is the basis for any expert appraisal and/or liquidation.

  • Eigentumsvorbehalt

    Der Eigentumsvorbehalt ist die Übergabe einer beweglichen Sache unter einer aufschiebenden Bedingung, in der Regel der aufschiebenden Bedingung der vollständigen Kaufpreiszahlung. Das Eigentum geht also noch nicht gleich mit der Lieferung auf den Käufer über, sondern erst mit deren vollständiger Zahlung (sog „einfacher Eigentumsvorbehalt“). Der Eigentumsvorbehalt muss wirksam zwischen Verkäufer und Käufer vereinbart sein, das kann auch durch Einbeziehung von Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen in den Kaufvertrag geschehen, birgt jedoch Risiken im Vergleich zur ausdrücklichen Vereinbarung. Mit dem Eigentumsvorbehalt sichert sich der Verkäufer einer Ware das Eigentum an der Sache bis zur vollständigen Erfüllung der Kaufpreisforderung. Beim „erweitertem Eigentumsvorbehalt“ vereinbaren die Parteien, dass das Eigentum an der konkreten Kaufsache erst übergehen soll, wenn alle Zahlungsforderungen des Verkäufers, nicht nur für den konkreten Kaufgegenstand, erfüllt sind. Beim „verlängertem Eigentumsvorbehalt“ gestattet der Verkäufer den Weiterverkauf der von ihm gelieferten Ware, vereinbart aber gleichzeitig zur Absicherung seines Zahlungsanspruchs, dass ihm die Ansprüche, die sein Käufer gegen Dritte aus dem Weiterverkauf hat, abgetreten werden.

  • E-mail notifications

    We will notify you by e-mail if you are outbid, but no more notifications will be sent at the auction end / contract due to delays in e-mails due to delays in e-mail traffic i.d.R. not reach on time. We therefore recommend our bidders to supervise the auction directly at the end of the auction in order to be able to react quickly.

  • Entry error

    The submission of bids is secured with a renewed query in order to prevent entering an erroneous bid. Please check prior to confirming whether the amount you entered is correct. Please contact us immediately if you discover a typo after a bid has been submitted.

  • EU bidder

    Only commercial bidders are cleared to submit bids within the EU – with the exception of Germany. Please fill out all address and contact data without errors since we compare your data with the data at the Federal Central Tax Office. Please also enter your valid tax number and legal business form. Private bidders outside of Germany from within the EU may NOT participate in our auctions.

  • Exercise procedure

    The registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document) represents the most important document in connection with a motor vehicle. Pursuant to § 12 (4) Vehicle Approval Regulation (FZV), a ZB II or a vehicle registration document lost in loss is to be advertised in the Traffic leaf. This solicitation is applied for insolvency by the insolvency administrator. Unfortunately, there are delays that can take from three to eight weeks. We point out this fact in the course of the auction. Further information on the bidding process can be obtained from the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

  • Expert assessment

    Results of the value determination are provided in the form of an expert assessment. The assessment provides all important information for the documentation of items performed by us. Of course, an appraisal by HÄMMERLE also incorporates a detailed list of all inventory items as well as a photo documentation. Learn more here.

  • Exporting

    Please contact us if you have any questions related to the topic of exporting and customs.

  • Free sale

    In free sales, items are offered at minimum price. An auction is not held. You can directly submit your bid online. The highest bidder is promptly awarded. Please note that, contrary to online auctions, you CANNOT see bids from other bidders. You should, therefore, submit your maximum bid right away. Your maximum bid cannot be seen by other bidders. This approach increases your chances of winning the bid. For post-auction sales, please send bids below the minimum price to the e-mail address info@haemmerle.de.

  • Functional guarantee

    We record all information for auctioned objects such as dimensions, weight, build year, mileage to the best of our knowledge and belief, but do not offer any assurances regarding this information. You should take advantage of the viewing day and check the condition of items that are of interest to you. Please note our GTC for auctions. Purchase as viewed, returns excluded.

  • Further questions

    Were we not able to answer all your questions? We are happy to assist you in person. Please get in touch with us over the phone, by e-mail or via the contact form.

  • Goods inventory analysis

    Here you can learn everything you need to know about goods inventory analyses.

  • Grouping

    Grouping refers to the combination of multiple positions, which often occurs for shelves and cupboards and their contents. If possible, these positions are consolidated by us so that the buyer acquires the cupboard or shelving with its contents in order to avoid collection problems that may arise when a cupboard and its contents are sold to different buyers.

  • Hauling companies

    If you commission a hauling company with the collection of your items, please provide us with the name of the company in advance and also submit a written clearance for the processing of your items. The hauling company must provide the required tools, lifting equipment or means of transportation. The required collection authorisation is also stated on our collection notice.

  • Identity

    HÄMMERLE auctions are public & transparent. You are able to see the bidder numbers of counterbidders in the auction history. However, we do not provide any information about the highest bidder or other counterbidders.

  • Images

    All photos depicted in the auction are symbolic photos. We recommend that you personally inspect the object's condition on-site. Objects often do not reveal their final, overall condition since they may still be moved after being photographed.

  • Images

    All images depicted in the auction are symbolic images. We recommend that you personally inspect the object's condition on-site. Objects often do not reveal their final, overall condition since they may still be moved after being photographed.

  • Immediate purchase

    All items can only be purchased through the respective auction. Free and post-auction sales are the exception as bids are accepted manually in these cases.

  • Industrial auction

    Contrary to insolvency auctions, objects for an industrial auction are auctioned off on a voluntary basis. Reasons for holding an industrial auction can vary and may include site closure, shutdown due to business cessation or downsizing of the machine park. Here you can learn more about the topic of industrial auctions and how we can help with marketing.

  • InsO

    InsO ist die Abkürzung für „Insolvenzordnung“, ein Bundesgesetz, das am 01.01.1999 in Kraft getreten ist und die bis dahin geltende Konkursordnung (alte Bundesländer) bzw. Vergleichsordnung (neue Bundesländer) abgelöst hat. Hier finden sich die maßgeblichen insolvenzrechtlichen Bestimmungen. Aber auch in anderen Gesetzen finden sich insolvenzspezifische Regelungen, etwa im Sozialgesetzbuch, den Steuergesetzen, im Gesellschafts- und im Strafrecht.

  • Insolvency auction

    There are many reasons for insolvency: A company may be insolvent due to payment default of its customers, excessive indebtedness, lack of liquidity or the like. Insolvency auctions provide a way to satisfy creditors. The task of insolvency administrators is to liquidise the company's assets with maximum profit in order to comprehensively satisfy outstanding receivables. HÄMMERLE auctions off used machines close to the residual value on behalf and for account of insolvency administrators, banks and leasing companies in order to quickly reduce the amount of debt owed. Insolvency auctions are especially interesting for bidders since not all interested parties are always available short-term for all offers. Thus, insolvency auctions are always a good opportunity to obtain functional used machines at affordable prices. The final price of online auctions for machines from insolvencies is often significantly below the original or used price of comparable industrial machines.

  • Insolvency expert assessment

    HERE you can find all important information on the topic of insolvency expert assessments.

  • Insolvenzmasse

    Die Insolvenzmasse umfasst nach § 35 InsO das gesamte Vermögen, das dem Insolvenzschuldner zur Zeit der Eröffnung des Insolvenzverfahrens gehört und das er während des Verfahrens erlangt. Die Insolvenzmasse dient der Befriedigung der Gläubiger im Insolvenzverfahren im Wege der Gesamtvollstreckung. Aus der bei Verfahrensabschluss vorhandenen Masse wird die Quote, nach der die Insolvenzgläubiger befriedigt werden, berechnet.

  • Insolvenzverwalter

    Der Insolvenzverwalter übt nach Eröffnung des Insolvenzverfahrens die Verwaltungs- und Verfügungsbefugnis über das gesamte zur Masse gehörende Vermögen aus (§ 80 InsO). Die Auswahl des Insolvenzverwalters erfolgt durch das Insolvenzgericht. Zu Insolvenzverwaltern werden in der Regel besonders hierauf spezialisierte, bei den Gerichten gelistete Rechtsanwälten mit Schwerpunkt Insolvenzrecht, teilweise auch spezialisierte Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer bestellt. Der Insolvenzverwalter im konkreten Verfahren muss nach § 56 InsO eine „geschäftskundige und von den Gläubigern und dem Schuldner unabhängige natürliche Person“ sein. Die „Amts-Theorie“ als herrschende Meinung sieht den Insolvenzverwalter als Handelnden kraft Amtes. Er handelt im eigenen Namen und mit Wirkungen für und gegen Masse und Schuldner; er ist nicht „Vertreter“ des Schuldners.

  • Internet auction

    The term Internet auction (also online auction) refers to an auction variant held over the Internet. See also online auction.

  • Inventory

    Stocktaking of objects by our experts. Here you can learn more about HÄMMERLE as an inventory specialist and our value determinations.

  • Invoice

    We will automatically send your invoice at the latest 2 business days after the auction. The invoice is sent to the e-mail address on file in your customer account. The email includes a PDF attachment with invoicing details. We can also send your invoice by mail if desired. Please contact our central office in Eching if you desire invoicing by mail. A processing charge of € 2 applies for each invoice sent by mail.

  • Invoice correction

    We use the address data provided by you for invoicing. Please file the complete invoice address of the company on behalf of which you are participating in the bidding. Ensure the correct spelling of your submitted information since we charge a processing fee of EUR 20.00 plus VAT for amendments after the completed invoicing process. Please note that we can only make changes to the invoice recipient within 4 weeks of the invoice date!

  • Item

    Items are individual objects that are to be auctioned off. The item or position identifies an object from the online catalogue that you can bid on and purchase in the described manner.

  • Item number

     The item number uniquely identifies objects listed by us. Always reference the item number in case of follow-up questions for objects.

  • Liquidation

    Liquidation refers to the divestment of objects for the purpose of generating financial proceeds. HÄMMERLE provides optimal liquidations within the context of international industrial or insolvency auctions.

  • Liquidation value

    The liquidation value of a company, also divestiture value, refers to the potential proceeds that would be achieved with the dissolution of the company and the divestment of all assets. The liquidation value is almost always stated as the absolute minimum value of the company appraisal.

  • Live auction

    Live auctions take place on-site, but are also broadcast live via the Internet. Registered users can track the auction via live stream from their computers and submit bids in real time.

  • Loading

    You are responsible for dismantling and transporting your purchased items. Please have the necessary tools, lifting equipment, means of transportation and assisting personnel at your disposal at the collection site. We are happy to connect you with disassembly or transport companies whom you can commission with collection and/or disassembly.

  • Login / Register

    You must be logged in in order to participate in our auctions. You can register for free if you do not yet have a bidder account with us. Registration is non-binding and free of charge. Charges are only incurred for positions purchased in the auction in addition to a surcharge and VAT. After registration, you have access to your personal bidding, winning bid and monitoring list. Further assistance with the registration process is available here.

  • Loss declaration

    You will receive a written loss declaration from us or our client if documentation is not or only partially available for a vehicle. You can use this documentation to request the missing papers from the licensing office.

  • M&A

    All information about M&A processes and how HÄMMERLE can help with these is available here.

  • Margin taxation

    Margin taxation is relevant in commerce with respect to already used, mobile physical objects. The purpose of margin taxation is to not subject resold objects again to the full value-added tax. For margin taxation, only the difference between the purchasing price and the sales price is subject to value-added tax.

  • Masse
  • Minimum price

    The minimum price (also limit) refers to the monetary amount below which an item is not auctioned off or only with reservations. This price is above the starting price and usually defined as the target amount specified by the client. After the auction, the client decides whether the winning bid can be accepted in case the highest bid is below the stated minimum price. Bidders are bound by their bids for 10 days after the auction.

  • Missing items

    We work with position numbers in order to identify objects. These position numbers are assigned anew for every auction. Item numbers, on the other hand, are unique for each object. All objects that are to be auctioned off can be viewed in the online catalogue of the respective auction. Objects that are not numbered or non-listed objects are not for sale. There can be several reasons for this: These objects may be excluded from the auction due to third-party rights or title retention, which can, e.g., refer to leased vehicles or machines. Fixed installations are also often not for sale as the removal would damage the property. These are usually the reasons why gaps exist in the numbering of online catalogues.

  • Monitoring

    As a registered bidder on our auction platform, you have the option of placing items on your personal monitoring list. You can access your personal monitoring list from your bidder account, which gives you quick access to your favourite articles at all times. You can also add personal notes here.

  • Newsletter

    We recommend subscribing to our newsletter so that you are always up to date on current auctions. You will receive a brief monthly overview of new and soon-ending auctions. Of course, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

  • Non-EU bidders

    Outside of the EU, only commercial bidders are cleared for bidding. Please also enter your valid tax number and legal business form. Private bidders from non-EU countries cannot participate in our auctions. Please note that non-EU bidders must pay a security surcharge at the time of invoicing, which is paid back in full after we receive the correct export documents.

  • Online auction

    At an online auction, you submit your highest bid directly via your computer. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins, provided the minimum price has been reached. To bid simply enter the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item in the detailed position view. Other bidders cannot see your maximum bid. We then submit bids on your behalf in automatically increasing steps. These bids correspond to the highest bid at the time. We will bid only enough for you to remain the highest bidder or match the minimum bid if your highest bid is sufficient. If another bidder matches or outbids you, we will notify you via email so that you have the option to place another bid. Your maximum bid remains confidential until a higher bid is placed by another bidder. The auction is automatically extended by 2 minutes if a bid is received 1 minute before the auction closes.

    Remember: By confirming the bid, you accept the conditions of the auction. Your bid is binding! An overview of your submitted bids as well as the accepted highest bids are displayed in your user profile in the respective menu items. In Germany, an online auction is an auction within the sense of Section 156 of the Civil Code, which means that sellers are not under the protection of this legislation.

  • Online catalogue

    All positions available for auction are stated in our online catalogues. You can view both the catalogues of individual auctions as well as general catalogues for individual categories (e.g. vehicle fleet) in order to, e.g., browse all vehicles in all ongoing auctions. Keep an overview of all sites as these may differ for the position according to the auction.

  • Online trading

    Online trading is similar to free selling on-site. The procedures for inspection, payment and collection are the same as in an online auction. However, pricing is less restricted; i.e. HÄMMERLE does not have the exclusive marketing rights for online trading. In addition, the highest bid is accepted manually.

  • Outbidding

    In your personal bidding list or the individual item view, you can see whether someone has exceeded your bid. You will also receive an e-mail if a higher bid has been submitted for an item.

  • Password

    You can request a new password here if you forgot it. Open the settings in the dashboard in order to change your password. We store all passwords with encryption. Even our employees cannot view your password. Always select a secure password – which ideally consists of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters. We generally recommend that you do not save passwords in your browser in order to protect your account. Please contact us immediately if you suspect unauthorised access to your HÄMMERLE account.

  • Payment

    The invoice amount is immediately due by bank transfer after receipt of the invoice. Cash payment on-site is only permissible according to prior consultation and only in exceptional cases! Further information regarding payment conditions is available here.

  • Payment

    All winning bid prices are subject to a surcharge of 18% and 19% VAT. All information for payment and payment options is provided here.

  • Payout

     The provider/client is usually paid four to six weeks after the successful auction and handover of the goods to the buyer. For this purpose, you will receive a detailed statement with all necessary information.

  • Physical attendance auction

    Physical attendance auctions take place on-site. Auction and viewing dates and other important information regarding event locations are available in the auction overview. You can submit your bid in advance online (in writing) after logging in if you are unable to attend the auction in person. Written bids are only accepted until noon on the day before the auction and are then taken into account during the auction. Remember: By confirming the bid, you accept the auctioneering conditions. Your bid is binding!

  • Position number

    The position number is the unique number assigned to an object that is to be sold within an auction. Contrary to item numbers, the position number is used repeatedly throughout various auctions. Only the item number unambiguously identifies an object since this number is unique.

  • Post-auction sale

    Auctions enter into post-auction sale once an auction has ended and the last position has expired. Positions that were not sold are available for purchase in the post-auction sale. The item is awarded manually and relatively promptly to the highest bidder. Please note that, contrary to online auctions, other bidders cannot see the bids. The offered price is always the start price as determined by us. You should, therefore, directly enter your maximum bid for your positions. Submitting a bid below the start price is principally only possible via e-mail. Positions can be directly acquired on-site for cash payment if they are still in post-auction sale on the day of collection.

  • Presale

     Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase our machines prior to auction.

  • Press inquiries

    We are happy to answer questions from journalists relating to ongoing and previous auctions, mediate interviews and background discussions or provide information material. Please submit your press inquiries to presse@haemmerle.de

  • Private persons

    Private bidders from Germany can also take part in our auctions. Please note that posted prices are subject to the additional surcharge of 18% + 19% VAT. Please also note our GTC for private bidders and the individual conditions for individual auctions. Foreign private bidders are excluded from the bidding process.

  • Processing account

    We open a separate bank account for every auction that we hold. We would, therefore, like to ask you to not save bank information stated on invoices in your favourites and always transfer the payment to the processing account on the invoice.

  • Profit

     The profit is the difference between incurred marketing costs and actually achieved liquidation proceeds.

  • Provider

    The entire position including all individual parts that are to be sold in the auction are referred to as the provision and the person who hands over the goods to the auction house is referred to as the provider. The goods of an industrial auction are auctioned off directly at the site so that, in practical terms, we also refer to the provider as our client.

  • Provider invoice

    Depending on auctioneering conditions, sold goods are settled with providers after a specified post-auction time period. A commission is deducted from the accepted bid. Additionally, incurred expenditures for attestations, transport costs or granted advances including interest is deducted from the payout to the provider. The resulting remaining balance is then paid to the provider or settled together with other invoices. The same value-added tax regulations apply for the provision invoice as for bidder invoices.

  • Questions about objects

    You can directly send us your question via the provided button if you have any further questions about our listed objects. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We recommend that you clarify any technical question on-site on the day of viewing since we usually do not have any additional information about the objects. We are also not able to provide any information about dimensions or weight prior to viewing. Please directly contact the manufacturer of the machine if you require information about weight. The viewing date for the auction is stated in the auction description.

  • Reclaiming

    Reclaiming objects through HÄMMERLE is an appropriate way to secure your machines or facilities in case of suspicion of illicit usage or sale. Our reclaiming service is especially relevant if your machines are in a location that is not under your power of attorney. Your assets are brought to a suitable storage location in case of reclaiming. The storage location, just as the transport and executing bodies are determined on an individual basis. Here you can learn more about this topic.

  • Recommendations

    You can easily recommend and forward items that may be of interest to acquaintances by e-mail. Click on the button "Recommend" in the item view, enter the recipient's e-mail address and additional text if desired. The recipient receives an e-mail with the object description and image material. While we're on this topic... feel free to recommend us to any entrepreneurs in your circle of contacts.

  • References

    An overview of our references is available here. In previous years, our company has supported many other clients from various branches with the appraisal and/or liquidation of fixed and/or circulating assets on behalf of insolvency administrators, banks and leasing companies or independently. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to state all references due to data-protection regulations.

  • Registration

    You must register once at www.haemmerle.de in order to participate in our auctions. Registration is free. You only pay for those positions for which you submitted the winning bid. When submitting your bid, please take the costs that are additionally incurred with invoicing into account. See surcharge and VAT. At registration, please ensure the correctness of your data since invoicing is based on the information submitted by you. Of course, you can also register with us as a private bidder. We recommend registering in good time, at the latest on the day before the auction ends since registrations at HÄMMERLE are checked manually.

  • Remaining running time

    The remaining running time refers to the remaining time window until an item is awarded. The position is called for the last time at the indicated time and then awarded to the highest bidder. The auction is automatically extended by 120 seconds if a bid is received 1 minute before the auction closes.

  • Reservation

    A bid is accepted "with reservations" if an object was sold below the agreed-upon minimum price. The highest bidder is bound to his offer for the duration of the time period set by us if the item is awarded with reservations. During this time, we will check whether the client agrees to sell the item below the minimum asking price. The bid is cancelled if the bidder does not receive the acceptance of the bid without reservations during this time period. Goods are only released after consultation with the client.

  • Results

    We ask for your understanding as we cannot provide any information about the results of individual items or auctions after the auction has ended.

  • Sachwalter

    Der Sachwalter übt bei angeordneter Eigenverwaltung die Aufsicht über die Verwaltung durch den Schuldner aus. Er hat – anders als ein Insolvenzverwalter – im Wesentlichen nur im Innenverhältnis Befugnisse (§§ 270 Abs. 1 Satz 1, 274, 275 InsO). Er prüft die wirtschaftliche Lage und die Geschäftsführung des schuldnerischen Unternehmens und er kann das Kassenführungsrecht an sich ziehen. Stellt er Umstände fest, die erwarten lassen, dass die Eigenverwaltung zu Nachteilen für die Gläubiger führen wird, so hat er das dem Gericht und dem Gläubigerausschuss anzuzeigen. Dann wird zu prüfen sein, ob die Eigenverwaltung aufgehoben und ein Regelinsolvenzverfahren unter einem Insolvenzverwalter betrieben werden muss.

  • Schuldner

    Der Schuldner bzw. Insolvenzschuldner ist das Vollstreckungssubjekt im Insolvenzverfahren. Gegen ihn richtet sich das Verfahren, weil er (ggf. drohend) insolvent ist. Schuldner können insbesondere Unternehmen in allen denkbaren Rechtsformen (z.B. GmbH, Aktiengesellschaft) sein und sog. natürliche Personen, also Mitmenschen.

  • Security assignment

    Security assignment refers to credit security through movable and aggregated objects whereas credit institutes receive property from the assignment and transfer the property to the security provider for the purpose of further usage of these objects.

  • Security surcharge

    Bidders from non-European countries deposit a security surcharge with the invoice payment, which is paid back in full after we receive the correct export documents.

  • Selling by auction

    Do you have objects that you want to sell by auction? We take care of the description and marketing and all further necessary steps for auctioning off your items. Here you can learn more about HÄMMERLE as a marketing expert.

  • Separate satisfaction

    The creditor's receivables are separately secured with a certain object. Although this item is liquidated within the context of insolvency proceedings, proceeds from the liquidation are only credited to the specific creditor who holds the right to separate satisfaction. Only minor offsetting occurs for the other insolvency estate according to Section 170 of the Insolvency Code. This security can, e.g., be a lessor's lien or a land charge on the debtor's property or a mortgage. Further information regarding separate satisfaction is available HERE.

  • Separation

    Separation from the estate is a term from insolvency law describing the removal of items or rights from the insolvency mass at the request of an authorised person. Separated objects are not sold at our auctions. Further information regarding separation from the estate is provided HERE.

  • Shipping

    We principally do not offer shipping for goods purchased by auction. Articles are auctioned off nationwide and Europe-wide from sites at which there are only insufficient structures to facilitate the shipping of items. We will publish a notice in the respective auction details if shipping is nonetheless possible in individual cases (e.g. via our cooperation partners and service providers). 

  • Sites

    For the most part, our auctions are performed on-site. Thus, individual auctions occur at various sites. Prior to submitting your bid, please note the sites of individual positions since these may differ (although this is rare). Sites are stated in the individual positions and can be found in the auction description. You are required to collect, dismantle and load your purchase goods at the site on the stated collection dates. See also collection.

  • SSL

    We use state-of-the-art encryption methods for your personal data and process data transmissions by means of extended SSL certificates. Learn more about encryption in our data-protection declaration.

  • Start price

    The start price refers to the amount that must be placed as the first bid. Bids below the start price cannot be submitted online.

  • Storage

    We also offer a storage option. You can temporarily use our halls in order to ensure that your equipment is safely stored. Here you can learn more about our services for securing & storage.

  • Submitting bids

    A bid can only be submitted after successful registration and clearance by HÄMMERLE. Prior to submitting your bid, please note our auctioneering conditions and receive information in advance about viewing and collection dates. These dates are always binding. Our surcharge calculator determines the final amount including surcharge and VAT and is available for each position in order to ensure simple costing. After the auction, you will also receive an invoice from us for this total amount.

  • Subsequent bidding time

    The bidding time is extended by 120 seconds if a bid is submitted in the last minute before a posting ends, which gives the outbid person time to place a new bid. Bidding times are extended per bid.

  • Supply network

    Usually, machines & systems are still in the state in which they were at the time of the company shutdown. Thus, they may still be connected to the power supply. Machines and systems must be disconnected by qualified personnel – with the exception of plug connections or quick couplings. The purchaser must also collect operating means such as oil, refrigerant, etc. and properly dispose or reuse these. A respective verification is to be provided upon request.

  • Surcharge

    The surcharge percentage – usually 18% – is added to the accepted bid as a fee. Most of our auctions are subject to VAT, which may be specified. A notice is provided in the auction if VAT is not specified. Thus, a standard surcharge of 39.85% is added to your bid since the surcharge is also subject to VAT.

  • Suspension

    We suspend bidder accounts if our general terms and conditions are violated. Suspensions can be implemented when payment and collection terms are not observed. False or missing address information or false names or invalid e-mail address can also result in suspension. Please submit your questions (including your complete first and last name and address) in writing to: Haemmerle GmbH & Co. KG, Bichlmannstraße 8, 84174 Eching or via e-mail to registrierung@haemmerle.de. Please note that we cannot provide any information regarding suspended bidder accounts over the phone.

  • Sworn

    HÄMMERLE is publicly appointed and sworn. The purpose of the public appointment is to verify the special qualifications and personal integrity of experts for the benefit of clients. The public appointment is exclusively provided in the interest of the public.

  • Total price

    All listed prices and surcharges are net prices, subject to an additional surcharge of 18% and 19% value-added tax. A total price calculator is provided for each position so that you can easily calculate the total price.

  • Transport

    You are responsible for dismantling and transporting your purchased items. Please have the necessary tools, lifting equipment, means of transportation and assisting personnel at your disposal at the collection site. We are happy to connect you with disassembly or transport companies whom you can commission with collection and/or disassembly.

  • Unsubscribe

    You can unsubscribe from our auction platform at any time. Please note that already submitted bids remain valid in a legally binding sense and invoicing occurs when the bid is won. The option to deactivate your bidder account is available in your customer data under "Delete access".

  • Value determination

    Here you can learn everything about the topic of value determinations for company and business equipment, vehicle fleets, machines and technical facilities by HÄMMERLE.

  • VAT:

    Most of our auctions are subject to VAT, which may be specified. A notice is provided in the auction if VAT is not specified. Thus, a standard surcharge of 39.85% is added to your bid since the surcharge is also subject to VAT.

  • Vehicle documentation

    Existing vehicle documentation as well as vehicle keys are usually handed over to the purchaser at the time of collection. Please note that vehicle registrations must be cancelled and red provisional license plates or a trailer must be supplied when collecting the item. You receive a loss declaration if none or only incomplete documentation exists for the vehicle.

  • vehicle identification number

    The Vehicle Identification Number (FIN) is a 17-digit number that uniquely identifies your car. It is located at three locations on and in the car and on your vehicle registration card (field E). Mostly in the engine compartment or the right half of the vehicle. In US vehicles or vehicles intended for this market, it is attached to the windshield bottom left and visible from the outside.

  • Vermieterpfandrecht

    An den in eine Mietsache eingebrachten Sachen des Mieters entsteht „automatisch“ zugunsten des Vermieters das Vermieterpfandrecht (§§ 562 ff. BGB). Er kann sich wegen seiner offenen Forderungen aus dem Mietverhältnis aus den Pfandsachen befriedigen. Der Vermieter darf allerdings deshalb nicht einfach die Pfandsachen eigenmächtig wegnehmen und gar selbst verkaufen. Er muss dabei die gesetzlichen Regelungen beachten. Im Insolvenzverfahren ist der Insolvenzverwalter zur Verwertung der Sachen berechtigt. Er hat aber den Gläubiger aus dem eingezogenen Erlös im Wege >abgesonderter Befriedigung zu bedienen.

  • Viewing

     We principally recommend viewing an item prior to submitting a bid. You should inspect the condition of the object on-site prior to submitting a bid in order to avoid disagreements. See also viewing.

  • Viewing

    A fixed time frame during which positions that are to be called out can be inspected on-site is set for almost all auctions. The exact time frame is stated in the auction details and our auction calendar. We strongly recommend viewing items BEFORE submitting your bid in order to get a visual impression of the positions and avoid subsequent disagreements. A viewing of the localities also makes it easier to assess the situation with respect to collection and required equipment. Please contact us if a viewing date has not been provided. We will gladly inform you of the times when viewings are possible. Please also note our auctioneering conditions: Purchase as viewed, returns excluded.

  • Warranty and returns

    HÄMMERLE and/or the client (provider) cannot issue any guarantee for the completeness, quantity, functionality, usage capability, marketability, suitability for a specific purpose, existence or non-existence of rights or claims by third parties or the possibility of transferring the goods to third parties. A return of acquired goods is excluded since our auctions do not fall within the scope of application of Sections 312b (contracts negotiated away from business premises) and 312c (distance contracts).

  • Winsolvenz

    Winsolvenz is the most widely distributed insolvency software in Germany. Of course, we provide our clients with all necessary information for Winsolvenz support.

  • Withdrawal

    Removing positions from an ongoing auction is referred to as withdrawing items. Bids can no longer be submitted for withdrawn positions. Already submitted bids are not taken into account and withdrawn positions are not awarded to a bidder. The position is no longer for sale. There may be various reasons for withdrawing a position. Thus, a position is, e.g., withdrawn if it can no longer be found or third-party rights are asserted.

  • Withdrawing bids

    HÄMMERLE provides a public & transparent auction within the context of international industrial and insolvency auctions on behalf and for account of the client. Your bid and any surcharge are legally binding. You cannot withdraw from a submitted bid or from the acceptance of the winning bid. You have the option to view the object prior to submitting a bid.

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