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Wertermittlung Industrie

HÄMMERLE-Industry evaluator, Industry liquidator, and auctioneer for over 30 years

Since 1990, Peter Hämmerle, the managing partner of the HÄMMERLE GmbH & Co. KG works as a successful and public sworn auctioneer in the name of our clients as an industry evaluator, industry liquidator, and auctioneer.

HÄMMERLE takes care of inventory and evaluation through public made auctions to pickups, billing, and out payment of the revenue on trustworthy trust accounts and secures or supports with the necessary expertise about M&A processes.

The headquarter of HÄMMERLE is in Eching (Bavaria) is in the district Landshut, around 70 km from Munich. The HÄMMERLE GmbH & Co. KG has also seven subsidiaries in Germany. 

HÄMMERLE stands for short reaction time, leading service, and pioneering know-how in all parts of evaluation and liquidation from small to mid-size to big companies or company sections. 


Used machine trading: Online. Worldwide. Successful

Digitalization has changed the used machine trading and the field of auctions fundamental. Online auctions became the most important marketing channel. HÄMMERLE is one of the best selling auction platforms in Germany. In over 100 annually online auctions, more than 30.000 assets change their owner. No matter if a single CNC- Controlling center or complete office equipment of insolvency companies that have to sell due to a company or location closing.

You can find used machines as well as industrial goods from all sections in our weekly changing industry and insolvency auctions. 


For optimal on and offline results 

A successful industry auction needs more than a well-visited auction platform with satisfactory results. Only a pre and post edit of the implemented measurements lead to an AHA- experience. Therefore, HÄMMERLE relies on his 25 employers as well as on long term external cooperation partners to find the best result. We advise, organize, optimize, and handle your order professional.

As a TÜV-certified full-service provider, we disburden our clients in many sections.

HÄMMERLE improves verifiable and steady the quality of all providers we always take care of the technical development of haemmerle.de and come up with more innovations in the service of the section. 


We find the solution

Flexibility is our strong suit, and our experienced team has lots of abilities.  That is how we solve even unusual challenges month for month. We are always full of passion and create, if needed, new solutions.

From auctions preparations to customs clearance: Find out more about or service.

You have questions or want to commission us with evaluation or liquidation. We are there for you. Monday - Thursday from 08:00-17:00 and Friday from 08:00-15:00 personally, telephonically, or via e-mail. 


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