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Buy surplus stock and sentry second-hand - building materials, clothing and more

A common reason for the auctioning of stocks or item goods is the company insolvency. In this category you will find an endless selection of different offers, characterized by fast availability and low prices. In addition to used engines and used bricks you will find at Hämmerle, for example, also large items in matters of children's clothing and matching clothes racks and various other items.


Stocks and Post Goods - Your Benefits

Even if the stocks come from a discontinued operation, that does not mean that you look at the goods. On the contrary, the articles have the same characteristics and the same quality as "normal" products. Since the insolvent entrepreneur i.d.R. Having a great interest in getting rid of the items as quickly as possible, these are not only readily available, but can also be enormously advantageous prices for the repurchase realize.


HÄMMERLE - that's how auctions work

As already mentioned, you will find items from many different areas. Only a few examples are:

  • Grandstand women's clothing
  • Lumber
  • Raw materials and supplies
  • thrash metal
  • Large work trousers and safety shoes
  • Contents of heavy duty shelves

These and other goods come not only from Germany, but also from Austria, Switzerland and other countries "to us". After all, bankruptcy can theoretically affect everyone and our customer network is very broad - our platform is an internationally recognized point of contact for stock lots auctions. This is particularly due to our service philosophy. We do not just see ourselves as a mediator between seller and prospective buyer, but see our task in the comprehensive care of our customers. We advise you not only when buying, but also in various other concerns. You can contact us at any time and rely on our know-how in stockpile auctions. Transparency is our top priority - you do not have to worry about any hidden costs or unexpected charges.

Stocks on auction - important information

Since you do not want to buy the "cat in a poke", you should take a detailed look at the item goods before participating in an auction. You should be sufficiently informed about the offered articles and sift through the images. The condition of the article plays a superordinate role. After all, you want them to be exactly what you want. In this regard, you should read carefully the description of the offer. This will help you avoid "nasty surprises" and make sure that your items will meet your needs.


Also good to know

After you have purchased an object from us, we will send you an invoice in digital form within two days. The bill not only provides information about the total amount to be paid but also contains important information such as the payment date. The item goods can only be transferred to you after the claim has been settled. You can then pick up the item at the time specified in the auction description.


Any questions about our presence and online auctions?

Then get in touch with our customer service and get detailed advice! We assist you with words and deeds and are a competent partner when it comes to the purchase of printing inks, cables and various other post items.