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Selling industrial goods by auction: auctions in Dresden with HÄMMERLE

As an industrial company based in or around Dresden, you are challenged at all times to implement the transformation to Industry 4.0. A high degree of automation not only increases the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of production, but also opens up diverse market opportunities. But investments in this segment are expensive and lengthy, and the necessary liquidity is often limited.

HÄMMERLE supports companies with restructurings, restructurings or company spin-offs in the course of an insolvency - with internationally frequented auctions for Dresden, with which fixed assets can be used in line with market prices.

Your advantage: We create the basis for an online auction in Dresden, so that systems, machines and other goods can be sold directly from the plant. This reduces the administrative effort and ensures fast processes that ultimately make the difference.


Selling industrial machines online via auction in Dresden: How does that work exactly?

Classic industrial goods, including construction machinery, compressors, agricultural machinery, machining centers or forklifts, are extremely heavy and bulky at the same time. A retail sale is also lengthy and not always crowned with success, quite apart from the fact that a market-driven price is rather the exception in singular negotiations. Whether as an insolvency administrator in Dresden or a restructuring consultant, HÄMMERLE offers you the right solution for every step:

  • As a publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer, HÄMMERLE ensures that the auction in and around Dresden runs properly. We act as trustees for both parties.
  • Our experts always carry out an inventory beforehand, determine the real market value based on experience from more than three decades and bring bidders from all segments to one table.
  • All goods will be auctioned off at the Dresden auction, with the exclusion of the right to guarantee and return, the rule is “Bought as seen”.

Speaking of which: the buyer, i.e. the bidder with a successful highest bid and a successful bid, is the legal owner of the item from this point in time. Aspects such as disassembly, transport and the months are the responsibility of the operator and must be carried out at his own expense. As an insolvency administrator in Dresden, you can speed up processes and focus on the essentials.


Online auction in Dresden: on-site auction or online auction for Dresden?

The objects are inventoried and auctioned on our online auction platform. Visits are possible in advance, but the buyer is not physically on site. This has the advantage that plant closings, business downsizing and the like can be implemented quickly by the insolvency administrator for Dresden. The buyer bears all responsibility for dismantling, transport and the like. Do you have any questions about the online auctions for Dresden or about our services? Please feel free to contact us at any time!

Please note: The price of an auction in Dresden is always to be understood without premium and, if applicable, VAT, these items cover our expenses and are 100 percent at the buyer's expense. As a seller or insolvency administrator in Dresden, you can use it to precisely calculate the extent to which liquidity is flowing in.


Online auction Dresden: Inquire now without obligation!

HÄMMERLE offers you 30 years of expertise, an internationally frequented bidder network as well as exploitation successes of 30 percent above the break-up value. We are thus set as your service provider for a proper auction from Dresden. Please explain your project to us and rely on one of the leading collecting societies in Germany!


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