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Would you like to close your business or reduce inventory? - Auctions in Krefeld by HÄMMERLE

On your behalf, HÄMMERLE is auctioning off industrial, commercial and commercial goods to buyers worldwide - for more than 30 years we have been your first point of contact for successful auctions in and around the Krefeld region and, with our 7 branches throughout Germany, position ourselves as a top service provider for the Evaluation and exploitation of companies or company components from all industries.

No matter if you

  • Remaining stock
  • Inventories
  • Factory equipment or
  • an entire company

want to sell quickly and efficiently in the Krefeld area.

We work for both companies and private individuals, but we make most of our experience available to insolvency administrators, banks or leasing companies. We also dissolve entire companies and carry out plant or site closures on your behalf. Warehouse sales and business tasks are also part of our core competencies - from planning through implementation to billing.

Our services include the recording and evaluation of auction positions, the auction including marketing activities, as well as the organization of the collection and clearing of the object. With us, you get the complete recycling process from a single source. For you, this means as little effort as possible. In addition, we achieve the best results with our auctions and the auction times are very short - we guarantee quick processing - with swept-clean clearance if required - we guarantee you.


Auctions in Krefeld: In these categories, industrial goods can be quickly and economically converted into liquidity

Your job as an insolvency administrator or entrepreneur in Krefeld is characterized by a variety of processes that are sometimes mutually dependent. Operational reorganization is often only possible if the company is reduced to a “viable” part and competencies are bundled. However, this requires investments that can be implemented quickly and in line with the market with the help of an auction in Krefeld.

The following list gives you some inspiration about the areas in which we at HÄMMERLE auction industrial goods almost every day for the highest bid:

  • Vehicles, forklifts, warehouse technology, etc.
  • Machines for metal, wood and plastic processing
  • Other office and workshop equipment
  • Agricultural machinery, trailers, etc.
  • Construction machinery and compressors

Your advantage: With HÄMMERLE you have the choice whether there should be an online auction from Krefeld or a presence auction in and around Krefeld. We have been one of the most successful industrial recyclers in Germany for 30 years now and offer you heavily frequented auctions in and around Krefeld in every segment, which lead to competitive prices.


Looking for an auction house in Krefeld? Benefit from well thought-out processes

In our team, experts and experts from different disciplines and for different industries work hand in hand to do everything possible to ensure the success of the exploitation. We have established certain services especially for the needs of insolvency administrators, also in Krefeld, which relieve you in your area of responsibility and allow you to focus on the essentials. Here is a compact selection of our services as an auction house for the Krefeld area for better understanding:

  • Rapid inventories of mobile assets
  • Clarification of any foreign and third party rights
  • Creation of market-oriented reports for the best possible listing
  • Safeguards in the Krefeld region
  • Execution of separation dates in the Krefeld area
  • On request: Assumption of all activities in the course of site closures or plant closings for Krefeld companies
  • Data backup or proper data deletion - with certificate

These accompanying services ensure that auctions from the Krefeld location represent maximum auction success. We offer you either the online auction or a presence auction in Krefeld, which quickly generates liquidity, minimizes liability risks and supports you in your work as an insolvency administrator or entrepreneur in Krefeld.


Is it about companies in the Krefeld area? Choose HÄMMERLE as an auctioneer!

We understand our job as an auctioneer in Krefeld to support you in the best possible way with the sale of any industrial goods. Starting with the market expertise of our team, through internationally frequented auctions from the Krefeld location, to ensuring a secure sales process. Focus on the essentials and leave the rest to HÄMMERLE - we will take care of it!


Do you need additional information or advice for our services in the Krefeld region?

Contact us  and learn more about the possibilities that an auction around the Krefeld region offers. We advise you without obligation!


An overview of our services:

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