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With an auction in Munich for new liquidity - market industrial plants through HÄMMERLE

The greatest asset of a company is almost always hidden in the respective assets that are required for the ongoing business operations. However, as part of a restructuring or modernization, the capital bundled therein is missing. Even as an insolvency administrator in Munich, transparent, swift and effective recovery gives you an effective tool to bring the procedure to a sensible and efficient conclusion.

With the auction directly from the Munich location, you can reach local, national and worldwide buyer groups through HÄMMERLE. We will decide with you whether industrial goods should be auctioned off in Munich as part of the online auction or whether they should be sold ex works in the course of a presence auction. In this way you expand the group of interested parties and secure a significantly better negotiating position.


Are you an insolvency administrator in Munich? Accelerate the process with an auction in or from Munich!

It is not uncommon for companies in trouble to have a positive continuation forecast, especially in niche areas or segments with a high margin. Processes such as a downsizing or a (partial) renovation are often considered here. The basis for this, however, is sufficient liquidity to make sensible use of the limited time. With HÄMMERLE you have an experienced partner for auctions in and around Munich, which offer many advantages over tedious retail sales:

  • With an auction in Munich, which is possible as an online exploitation from the company's location in and around Munich, you reduce the marketing effort enormously. In this case, the buyer is obliged to properly dismantle and transport, we monitor the smooth process.
  • Warranty or guarantee exclusions are not given at an auction in Munich, which is usually carried out as an online auction. As the customer, you as the consignor are neither obliged to guarantee completeness, functionality, fitness for use and the like, nor can the buyer assert a right of return at a later date.

As you can see, our auction house in the Greater Munich area offers ideal conditions to generate fresh liquidity quickly, in line with the market price and without any guarantee, warranty or return. Use all kinds of industrial goods in the presence auction or online auction in or from Munich to focus on the essentials.


Auction in Munich: Industrial goods can be economically exploited in these categories

Your role as an insolvency administrator in Munich is characterized by diverse processes that are sometimes mutually dependent. Operational reorganization is often only possible if the company is reduced to a “viable” part and competencies are bundled. However, this requires investments that can be made quickly and in line with the market with the help of an auction in Munich.

The following list gives you some inspiration about the areas in which we at HÄMMERLE regularly use industrial goods:

  • Vehicles, forklifts, warehouse technology, etc.
  • Machines for metal, wood and plastic processing
  • Other office and workshop equipment
  • Agricultural machinery, trailers, etc.
  • Construction machinery and compressors

Your advantage: With HÄMMERLE you have the choice whether there should be an online auction from Munich or a presence auction in and around Munich. We have been one of the most successful industrial recycling companies in Germany for 30 years now and offer you heavily frequented auctions in and around Munich in every segment, which lead to market prices.


Auction in Munich: Contact HÄMMERLE as auction house and auctioneer for the state capital Munich without obligation

We offer you an all-round carefree package that enables you as an insolvency administrator in Munich to concentrate on the essentials. Be it

  • Inventory of your mobile assets;
  • Seizures
  • Planning and implementation of evictions as well as site and plant closings;
  • Creation of appraisals

or the

  • Examination of industrial goods for potential foreign and third party rights.


With us as your partner at your side, do not leave anything to chance - choose HÄMMERLE and find out more about our services and the possibilities of an auction from or in Munich!


get in touch  at any time and learn more about the possibilities that an auction from or in Munich offers. We advise you without obligation!


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