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Lot: 27


6 Stück Getriebe ,  für Kleinlastwagen DFSK K01H, Getriebekennzahl MR513B01-MR513-B01, OHNE GITTERBOX  

minimum price 60 EUR
60 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 12T 23hrs 54min 7sec (21.06.2023 10:26)
Lot: 28


5 Stück Getriebe ,  für Kleinlastwagen DFSK K01H, Getriebekennzahl MR513B01-MR513-B01, OHNE GITTERBOX  

minimum price 50 EUR
50 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 12T 23hrs 55min 7sec (21.06.2023 10:27)
Lot: 29


3 Stück Getriebe ,  für Kleinlastwagen DFSK K01H, Getriebekennzahl MR513B01-MR513-B01, OHNE GITTERBOX  

minimum price 30 EUR
30 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 12T 23hrs 56min 7sec (21.06.2023 10:28)
Lot: 45

Gabelhubwagen unicraft

1 Stück Gabelhubwagen unicraft,  orange  

minimum price 40 EUR
40 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 23hrs 7min 7sec (06.07.2023 09:39)
Lot: 49

Hochhubwagen GESUTRA SDJ1025-01

1 Stück Hochhubwagen GESUTRA SDJ1025-01,  BJ 2011, Tragfähigkeit 1.000kg, blau/schwarz  

minimum price 150 EUR
150 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 23hrs 11min 7sec (06.07.2023 09:43)
Lot: 71

Ladegeräte boostech BMS iCharger 48V

30 Stück Ladegeräte boostech BMS iCharger 48V,  neuwertig, 19 Stück originalverpackt, OHNE GITTERBOX  

minimum price 300 EUR
300 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 13T 0hrs 37min 7sec (21.06.2023 11:09)
Lot: 72

DC/DC Converter boostech 48V

7 Stück DC/DC Converter boostech 48V,  OHNE GITTERBOX  

minimum price 70 EUR
70 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 13T 0hrs 38min 7sec (21.06.2023 11:10)
Lot: 95

Transportwagen fetra 2403

1 Stück Transportwagen fetra 2403,  Traglast 600kg  

minimum price 50 EUR
50 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 23hrs 55min 7sec (06.07.2023 10:27)
Lot: 182


1 Stück Hubwagen,  orange/schwarz  

minimum price 30 EUR
30 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 13T 23hrs 28min 7sec (22.06.2023 10:00)
Lot: 190


2 Stück Leimholzplatten,  einseitig mit Wandfarbe lackiert, auf einem Transportgestell, incl. Transportgestell, 1x ca. 1,5x1,25m, 1x ca. 2,5x1,25m, Plattendicke ca. 18mm  

minimum price 5 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 27T 0hrs 51min 7sec (05.07.2023 11:23)
Lot: 200

Folienabrollvorrichtung KLAR PAC

1 Stück Folienabrollvorrichtung KLAR PAC,  Edelstahlausführung, Tischgerät, 220 Volt  

minimum price 20 EUR
20 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 13T 23hrs 38min 7sec (22.06.2023 10:10)
Lot: 214

Edelstahl Rollwagen

1 Stück Edelstahl Rollwagen,  ohne Inhalt, ca. 0,66x0,41x1,8m  

minimum price 10 EUR
10 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 13T 23hrs 47min 7sec (22.06.2023 10:19)
Lot: 221


1 Stück Sackkarre,  luftbereift  

minimum price 5 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 13T 23hrs 52min 7sec (22.06.2023 10:24)
Lot: 235

Bühnenpodest, Laufsteg

1 Stück Bühnenpodest, Laufsteg,  bestehend aus Podestplatten und Fußgestell, lagernd auf 1 Rollwagen und mehreren rollbaren Aluminiumkisten, Podestplatten ca. 2x1m, ca. 20 Podestplatten &nbs...

minimum price 450 EUR
450 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 27T 1hrs 36min 7sec (05.07.2023 12:08)
Lot: 255


1 Stück Transportrollwagen,  weiß, 3 Ablagen, ca. 1x0,6x0,85m  

minimum price 1 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 14T 0hrs 13min 7sec (22.06.2023 10:45)
Lot: 389


1 Stück Transportrollwagen,  klappbar, Transportfläche ca. 0,90x0,60m  

minimum price 5 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 14T 0hrs 42min 7sec (22.06.2023 11:14)


Used machines and other means for logistic

The logistic deals in general with the planning, control, execution, and optimization of goods. Those include transport as well as storage technology and other areas such as sorting. Those who want to optimize those processes need their means. And that is exactly what you will find with us. Our auctions hold a large offer of different items and machines for the logistic-  from the used wheelbarrow to a used pallet truck to the 1-girder bridge crane. 


Efficient logistic-not without the right storage technique!

The storage technology includes all means that are used for the collected, neatly storage of goods so that they can be used at a later point in time. This includes, for example, used plastic storage boxes and used transport boxes. Interesting to note is the increasing automation and rationalization that has led to the blurring of the boundaries between parts of the facility, machines, and buildings. Means of conveyance have meanwhile been integrated into shelf systems and a shelf construction in the high-bay warehouse often takes on a supporting function for the surrounding building. 


Pallet trucks and other means of conveyance

In-house transport also plays an important role in logistics. In general, there are two types: continuous conveyors and discontinuous conveyors. The former includes, for example, roller conveyors and belt conveyors. Discontinuous conveyors include platform trucks and truck loading systems.

Pallet trucks are an important part of in-house transport. These are industrial trucks for moving semi-finished products, tools, pallets, etc.

Hint: In our auctions, you can also find used lattice boxes, wooden pallets, etc.

Pallet trucks usually come on flat surfaces in closed rooms. But some models are suitable for use in a factory yard. There is a difference between manual and electric pallet trucks. The latter is powered by a battery. Another distinction is whether you or your employees accompany the funding on foot or whether a paved platform allows you to travel. 


The dissociation from the forklift

At Hämmerle you can also find forklifts, however, in a different category (forklift) - many mistakenly equate this with the pallet truck. With the latter, the centre of gravity lies within the vehicle contour, which means that no counterweight is required, regardless of the weight of the operator. Electric pallet trucks have similar functions to a forklift. Unlike this, the funding may be used without a certificate of professional competence. 


We love to advise you!

From the used crane magnet to a used packaging tape to the complete crane runway system - with us, you will find everything you need for the logistics in your company. Our auctions often include entire lots of used disposable pallets or empty cardboard boxes.

Do you need further information on this subject? Or would you like to know exactly how an auction at Hämmerle works? No matter what your concern is - we take care of it! Get in touch with our customer service and get comprehensive advice. We have many years of experience and extensive know-how in online and face-to-face auctions. We would be happy to pass this knowledge on to you so that you can buy the right logistics means at a reasonable price for your company.!