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Lot: 241

HOLZMANN Absauganlage ABS2480

1 Stück HOLZMANN Absauganlage ABS2480,   

minimum price 20 EUR
45 EUR
7 Bids
ending in: 7T 23hrs 50min 48sec (25.06.2024 09:11)
Lot: 315


1 Stück Absaugtisch,  Unterbau, 2-türig  

minimum price 300 EUR
300 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 2T 3hrs 59min 48sec (19.06.2024 13:20)


Diverse suction and filter units for every purpose - now bid on HÄMMERLE in the auction!

Extraction and filtration units are used in a wide variety of processing industries, as well as in service industries. The reason: Especially in closed rooms, it is important to ensure a healthy indoor climate. Often the first step is to deduct smoke and other air pollutants from it. It is important to consider differences in implementation, especially in terms of volume, functionality and usability.

At HÄMMERLE you will find the appropriate extraction and filtering devices for your particular purpose in regular online and live auctions.


Who can profit from suction and filter devices?

The best known is the principle of extraction and filtering devices of course from the kitchen, on a commercial level in particular from restaurant and commercial kitchens. Also for this purpose you will find suction and filter units in various performance classes. Catering and catering are one area, the craft another segment in which suction devices and especially filter systems are used. For example, if chips or other small-grained waste arise during processing, a suction and filtering device is a practical addition. Here, there may be stationary and mobile implementations.

Of course, companies that produce difficult-to-tolerate or poisonous gases first of all have to extract them and then filter them. For this purpose, industrial special filters can be used, with which many substances are neutralized. Fine and precise processes, such as printing processes, can cause fine dust. Filter systems help with the proper handling. Another field is vehicle halls, as they can occur in almost every industry with closed vehicle accommodations.

With HÄMMERLE, various sectors have the opportunity to cost-effectively come to appropriate extraction and filtering devices - look at our current auctions.


What advantages do suction and filtering devices offer?

The central advantage of the extraction and filtration units is, of course, in the cleaned air. In places, this is simply practical, but also legitimately prescribed in many processes. Advantageously, most devices are also because they can be installed quite inconspicuous and space-saving. Especially directly under the ceiling, this is productive, because this place otherwise remains unused and, without disturbing, the most important exhaust gases can be absorbed. Often you can quickly integrate the extraction and filtration devices that we offer with you, and speed up your work processes a lot. Of course, a professional installation is still important, especially for complex devices.


What to look for when buying suction and filtration systems?

When buying a suction and filter system in an auction by HÄMMERLE, it is important to consider the basics of auctions. As a rule, these are always second-hand products, so you will receive specific information about the condition and functionality directly in the offers themselves. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that it is well worth your while to resort to an offer. Of course, the lower prices due to the used condition are only worthwhile if the procurement can be realized economically. HÄMMERLE's auction platform offers you, in addition to extraction and filtration systems, a comprehensive selection of practical machines, tools and Co. You should therefore use the filter functions to search for suitable equipment and to take the required information directly from the offer. Possible sightseeing appointments should be perceived.