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Lot: 614

Radialbohrmaschine DI-EFFE-DI R55-1600

1 Stück Radialbohrmaschine DI-EFFE-DI R55-1600,  BJ 1998, S/N 2070, Spannwürfel zweiseitig, ca. 800x.1.000mm  

minimum price 2.000 EUR
2.000 EUR
0 Bids
ending in: 2T 5hrs 5min 4sec (19.06.2024 15:40)
Lot: 675

Radialbohrmaschine BREDA R50-1600

1 Stück Radialbohrmaschine BREDA R50-1600,  BJ 1988, Auslegerlänge 1.600mm, Spanntisch schwenkbar, Grundfläche ca. 500x800mm  

minimum price 1.200 EUR
1.200 EUR
1 Bid
ending in: 2T 5hrs 54min 4sec (19.06.2024 16:29)


Drills & Boring Machines in the auction at HÄMMERLE: Here you will find what you are looking for!

Drills are among the devices that are largely self-explanatory. These are semi-automated devices that make it easy to drill holes of any size. The designs can vary widely, which can range, for example, from the intended application, through the machined material to the drilling strength. Paired with many special applications, there are a variety of versions of drills that you can use specifically for your purposes.

Of course, these are indispensable in the craft trades, but other fields of work and even private individuals can make use of the "all-purpose weapon" drilling machine. Therefore, we would like to point out different versions of the drill and offer you a decision basis. In an auction you can then buy the appropriate model for your purpose with a little luck.


Which versions of drills are there?

When looking at the different types of drills, it quickly becomes clear that there are countless differences between the models except for the basic principle. On the one hand, it has to be differentiated, whether it is permanently installed or mounted drills, or hand-operated versions. For example, the fixed installations offer the advantage that they can easily be integrated into repetitive work processes, while the hand-operated ones are flexibly designed for a multitude of other applications. Even within these two upper categories must then be distinguished.

For example, fixed boring machines have radial boring machines that are considered excellent for large workpieces. Magnetic drilling machines, by contrast, aim to fix themselves to metal components using a built-in magnet, thus preventing slippage during the drilling process. Column boring machines and pillars also have their own advantages; accessories such as boring devices are further versions to give just a brief overview of the many possibilities.

The hand drills have one-handed drills that are particularly suitable for relatively soft materials, hard to reach drill holes and fast and flexible use. Two-handed variants are a bit inflexible, but much more powerful. The mobile use of durable materials will quickly become a breeze.


Why should I choose a used drill?

The drills you see in our offer are already in use. They stem, for example, from bankruptcies, business tasks or company restructurings. Often it is therefore still fully operational material, but the final assessment of the quality you have to do yourself, after you have considered the offers. With luck, you can land a lucky hit and buy a rugged, reliable and powerful device at a low price. At the same time you draw from a varied and changing selection.


Buy drills through an auction? No problem with HÄMMERLE!

Stability and compatibility are two factors to consider when drilling holes. Craft companies or workshops therefore rely on a large number of different drills. Especially if it is a device that should not be used daily for countless hours, the used drill is an important and cost-effective addition. So just browse through our offer and find the used drill that meets your desired specifications.