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HÄMMERLE: auctions in Hamburg - fair market price recovery of industrial goods of all kinds

Often, the operating and plant equipment of a company is the main asset basis. In order to generate the necessary liquidity for a restructuring or to accelerate an ongoing insolvency process, the best possible utilization of the fixed assets is required. With HÄMMERLE, your full-service auctioneer with three decades of practical experience, you leave nothing to chance.

Your advantage: We enable you to quickly evaluate or auction off from a permanent establishment or at a company location. Our contact persons in Hamburg are available at any time for the factual assessment and an auction in and around Hamburg. This reduces costs and planning effort - and thus enables an accelerated process, for example for you as an insolvency administrator or entrepreneur in Hamburg.


Industrial auctions in Hamburg: what can be auctioned off?

We inventory, evaluate and market in the Hamburg area. With an auction from Hamburg, you can acquire urgently needed liquid funds to set up new production facilities, to satisfy the insolvency creditors or to create the basis for a restructuring. Unlike a retail sale, industrial auctions in Hamburg offer you the following advantages:

    Addressing relevant national and international buyer groups
    Transparent, market-oriented pricing process with the help of an experienced auction house like HÄMMERLE
    Best possible marketing also in niche areas as well as on the basis of expert reports
    Depending on your choice: auction in Hamburg as a face-to-face auction or via the HÄMMERLE auction platform


Auction in Hamburg: Extract from categories in which industrial auctions take place regularly

As an insolvency administrator in Hamburg, would you like to utilize all company equipment as quickly as possible and at market prices? In terms of recycling and recovery, we are on the road for you in Hamburg. HÄMMERLE offers you regular online auctions in Hamburg and the surrounding area that are heavily frequented by buyers from all industries.

In the following we give you a suggestion in which categories tools, systems, machines and Co. can be marketed:

    Construction machines, compressors, etc.
    Forklifts, containers, storage technology, etc.
    Agricultural machinery, trailers, vehicle fleet
    Metalworking, pressing, machining centers
    Woodworking, sawing, tooling and power tools
    Office and workshop equipment, computer technology

In short: Regardless of whether it is construction machinery, compressed air technology, machining centers, trailers, catering equipment, stocks or measurement, medical or laboratory technology - with HÄMMERLE you can utilize any industrial goods in the best possible way!


Online auctions directly from the business premises = exclusion of guarantee and warranty claims

As an insolvency administrator in Hamburg, you know that it often has to be quick. A timely, market-driven disposal of assets may make it possible to save parts of the business - or to increase the insolvency rate accordingly. The classic retail sale in the form of lengthy negotiations, however, increases the effort considerably, so that valuable time for relevant tasks is missing.

If you decide to use it as part of an auction in and around Hamburg, you will benefit in several ways from our services:

    Inventory of mobile assets
    Creation of transparent, market-oriented valuation reports
    Clarification of potential foreign and third party rights
    Takeover of evictions, site and plant closings

The particular advantage: the buyer not only bears all the costs of the auction in Hamburg (buyer's premium, VAT), but is also responsible for dismantling, transport and the like as the legal owner from the end of the bid. The auctions we carry out for Hamburg do not fall within the scope of §§ 312b and 312c, so that a guarantee and return right is excluded.


Bankruptcy administrator in Hamburg? Let HÄMMERLE advise you without obligation on the best possible industrial auction!

We offer you extensive market expertise, experience from three decades of practice and processes that are clearly tailored to your needs. Find out more about the effective possibilities of an (industrial) auction for Hamburg, which guarantees market prices.


CONTACT US  at any time without obligation or take a look at our service portfolio. We look forward to providing you with the best possible support through an auction in Hamburg and the surrounding area!



An overview of our services:

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