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Leasing companies need a strong partner


Leasing companies as well as credit institutes benefit from our expert appraisals (on site or online) and our market-conform assessments. We provide securing & storage services and also perform goods-inventory analyses and continuous appraisals. Moreover, leasing companies benefit from our professional liquidation services within the context of physical presence and online auctions.

In the following paragraphs, we want to introduce you to some of these services in greater detail so that you can gain a better understanding as to why so many clients place their trust in us. HÄMMERLE is precisely the right partner for you when you require appraisals as well as when objects that have been transferred within the context of assigned leasing and securities must be secured and liquidated.


Goods-inventory analyses as security for leasing companies

Performing goods-inventory analyses is especially interesting if the goods inventory is to be used as loan security or security assignment. The goods inventory of a company generally comprises all unsold goods and products, which are recorded with the respective purchasing price in order to determine the existing values within the respective company. This analysis also comprises the determination of possible ownership reservations and other third-party rights. Actual potential securities can only be determined through careful goods-inventory analyses and goods-inventory appraisals based on which a decision can be made in regard to leasing terms.


We secure your goods

You need a competent partner who can reclaim objects in case a leasing company suspects that equipment, machines, etc. are being or have been used or sold illicitly. Our securing service is especially a relevant option in case your vehicles are in a location that is not under your power of attorney. We bring your leasing objects to a safe storage location together with various participants while always conducting ourselves in a highly professional manner.

We can secure road vehicles (cars, utility vehicles, etc.), agricultural machines (harvesters, tractors, etc.), equipment (e.g. metal-processing machines) and all other objects.

By the way: It also does not pose a problem for us if a leasing company commissions us with the securing of equipment but does not have sufficient storage space for these objects! Hämmerle has multiple secured halls at its disposal in which your vehicles will be safe and sound.

More about Seizures

Professional liquidation of equipment and machines

Not all objects of a leasing company yield the desired income. After some time, vehicles or equipment may have to be sold. In this area as well, you can wholly rely on our competence! We offer your leasing company all necessary services in order to ensure an uncomplicated, quick and successful liquidation. Thus, we not only take care of inventory creation, but also of transport, marketing and the auctioneering process. You do not have to get involved yourself as you receive the entire liquidation service from a single source. We guarantee short auction runtimes, quick processing and the best prices.

Do you have questions regarding our services for leasing companies and credit institutes? Please contact us at any time. Our competent employees will assist you in word and deed and are sure to find a suitable solution for your individual requirements.

That’s what our name stands for!