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M&A Prozesse begleitet durch HÄMMERLE

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Close accompaniment of M&A processes by HÄMMERLE


The generic term mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to a variety of commercial transactions including everyday transactions such as business transitions, takeovers and mergers, but also more unusual case constellations such as third-party financed takeovers, spin-offs or carve-outs.

Depending on the type and size of a company, significant expenditures in various areas result in association with such transactions. The resources necessary for smooth processing are most often not available internally since M&A are not part of the everyday business processes of a company. Thus, companies require help from an external partner.

Hämmerle is fully available to you during all phases of an M&A endeavour or also selectively – according to your needs.


Hämmerle offers an extensive service portfolio for complex endeavours

For many companies, M&A endeavours are associated with risks that can be reduced to an appropriate degree with suitable measures. An initial evaluation determines which services of Hämmerle are relevant for a company. Thus, it is highly significant whether a company is considering a takeover due to a favourable opportunity or uses M&A transactions as a strategic tool for growth. Suitable criteria must be defined for the selection and identification of potential candidates if M&A transactions are envisaged due to, e.g., strategic reasons.


Figures, dates and facts as the basis for decision-making for further approaches

The issue of profitability is front and centre if an M&A transaction is within reach. The question of profitability can only be answered by analysing fixed and circulating assets or the balance of a company. This requires a detailed and accurate approach due to valuation options within the meaning of the Commercial Code. All necessary follow-up services by Hämmerle are available if the execution of a transaction seems to make sense. We act as an intermediary and establish contact to other suitable partners such as attorneys, coordinate the total process and provide a communication interface.

Individual project phases and partial processes can be defined more accurately since M&A can be complex and long-lasting. Our service portfolio includes services that are required for all M&A endeavours as well as services that are only necessary for some. A systematic closure provides the opportunity to make processes even more efficient prospectively and allows for organisational learning in case other M&A endeavours are possible in the future.


Extensive service portfolio

Once an M&A process has been successfully concluded, other fields of action frequently arise, which must be handled appropriately. For example, it is important for long-term success that added company areas are integrated and further developed for the benefit of the company. Hämmerle is available for the long-term in case our customers require further assistance.

The selection of a suitable service provider is extremely important for a company. Of course, our experienced employees/executives are available for basic inquiries and can explain the scope and benefit of all our services – not only in regard to M&A. Call us at any time, send us an email or make an appointment. Our motto: We will only achieve sustained and long-term success if we are able to help our customers do the same.





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